So how do they dress?

01:30, Jan 31 2014
Politicians clothes flight: The verdict
ANNE TOLLEY - HER LOOKS FROM BEST TO WORST: Straight up, we have to admit that Anne looks amazing in that black and white jacket. In fact, she should just wear it all day every day. That said, she normally loves colour, which is great considering bright hues are underdone in NZ, and while we dig that multicolour jacket, the blue outfit is too Queen Mother and the polyester-looking peach number to the right could do with being retired (and with a red stripy skirt? Are you colour blind?!).
Politicians clothes flight: The verdict
UH OH: Wow. We can already tell you this pearler of an 80s throwback from Anne's archives wins the worst dressed race for that cockatoo hair alone (and it was taken in the noughties!!!). To think you'd need to put in effort to achieve that look is just mind boggling. We needn't keep looking.
Politicians clothes flight: The verdict
JUDITH COLLINS - HER LOOKS FROM BEST TO WORST: Jude, wear that lippie you've got on to the left every day. It's your colour. And that jacket? It's your best look yet. Meanwhile, the middle picture represents an average outfit from the outspoken minister - aka, meh; and the look to the right is her worst. Sequins the size of an eyeball are never a good thing ... and ugly jackets, aye? Glass houses, stones, etc, you get the drift.
Politicians clothes flight: The verdict
METIRIA TUREI - HER LOOKS FROM BEST TO WORST: While, yes, Metiria has been known to fall into the classic politician boxy jacket trap (and we'd love that purple dress to be a little longer for those knee highs to work) she's recently grown her hair and that was a very good decision, check out how glam she looks to the right with that on-trend purple lippie and the good riddance of the former patches of bleach that made it look like her hairdresser had just tripped and dropped buckets of the stuff over her. So, in conclusion, all of these ladies have made good and bad choices when it comes to their wardrobes. Ergo, they should all pipe down.

Metiria Turei, Anne Tolley and Judith Collins have been in a war of words over clothes in the past few days: hmm ... just what we want our politicians talking about. 

So, while we normally wouldn't think of judging what our politicians wear, the fact that Anne Tolley and Judith Collins feel it's appropriate to call out Metiria Turei over an "ugly jacket" and the price of her clothes, means we at Team Life & Style thought it only fair that their wardrobes be up for critique as well ...

Check out the gallery above for a survey of the three ladies' varied fashion choices ... 

The verdict? None of them are in the position to judge.