21 ingenious wardrobe tricks

SET THOSE COLOURS: How gorgeous is that radiant orchid sweater? She needs to employ tip seven.
SET THOSE COLOURS: How gorgeous is that radiant orchid sweater? She needs to employ tip seven.

These savvy style shortcuts are easy peasy: let's face it, we're all busy women and if there's something that saves us 10 minutes, a whole lot of effort, or a wad of cash, we definitely want to know about it.

We're guessing you've never fully appreciated vinegar, salt, beeswax, Vaseline or graphite pencils for their outfit-saving capabilities.

And we'd place our bets that you're washing your sneakers all wrong. Sound like you?

From how to unstick a dodgy zipper to the time-saving trick that involves your freezer and jeans, save yourself the sweat (stains) and bookmark 20 fashion hacks you have to know.

You'll never look at Windex the same again.

1. Iron embellished tops and buttoned shirts inside out.

Genius. It's mind-boggling how simple this trick is, but how much time it saves. Just flip your embellished pieces and button-up shirts inside out before ironing.

2. Hairspray cures static cling.

Lightly spray your clothes with hairspray to get rid of static. Works every time.

3. Use straws to keep jewellery tangle-free.

Seriously. Just cut a few straws in half and feed single-strand bracelets or necklaces through them, one by one. Ensure you leave part of each piece is hanging out of either end so that they can still be clasped shut. Then, toss them into your jewellery box and don't stress about tangles.

4. Dry delicates with a towel.

After hand-washing wool or other delicates and before you lay the piece flat to dry, roll the garment up in a clean towel and press firmly to remove excess water and hasten the drying time.

5. Throw your sneakers in the washing machine.

Yes, you can! Sure it's probably not the gentlest way to wash your kicks, but if they're looking a bit grubby, just toss them into the washing machine. Make sure you remove the laces first and wash without any other clothes.

6. Use vinegar to remove sweat stains.

Mix one cup of white vinegar with four cups of warm water. Next, dip the stained garment in the solution and scrub between your knuckles. We suggest doing a quick test first on an inconspicuous area to make sure the vinegar is safe on your fabric.

7. Set your colours with salt.

Sounds strange, but adding a spoon of salt to a cold wash is said to "set" bright and dark colours and stop them from running or fading in the future. Do this the first time you wash your colourful new buy.

8. Jeans go in the freezer.

This is life changing. You can't get out of washing your jeans completely, but between washes just toss them in a plastic bag in the freezer for a few hours to freshen 'em up and avoid colour fade caused by over-washing.

9. Leather conditioner isn't just for your shoes and bags.

Use leather conditioner on your leather jacket, pants, skirts and tops to keep them looking new.

10. Care for your cashmere.

Baby shampoo is a great quick-fix for washing cashmere. Try soaking for five minutes in cold water with a dash of baby shampoo, and then rinsing with cold water, straight after wearing to remove stains.

11. Remove pilling by shaving your sweaters.

Just like when you shave your legs, be careful!

12. Household products will fix your stuck zip.

Stop dancing around the bedroom trying to pull up that zipper (we caught you). To help unstick that zipper, add lubrication to the zipper teeth using Vaseline, crayon wax, or by rubbing the end of a graphite pencil along the zipper teeth.

13. Protect your pearls.

You should never store pearls with diamonds or other jewellery that might scratch.

14. Cold water prevents colours running.

We're not saying you should throw your pink jeans in with your new white dress, but washing in cold water will help prevent colours from running in the wash.

15. Roll your clothes to travel smart.

When packing a suitcase, roll your clothes rather than fold them to save space and stop wrinkles.

16. Use Windex to polish your diamonds.

Fact: Windex is under-rated dot com. Not only will it make your windows sparkle (important), but you can spray it on a damp cloth and then use the fabric to clean a diamond.

17. Newspaper can save your soles.

If your shoes are a little damp, scrunch up newspaper and stuff into your shoes after wearing. Leave overnight and remove in the morning and repeat if needed.

18. There's more than one use to stockings.

Stressing out about those new earrings that dropped (and subsequently disappeared) on the bathroom floor? Plug in your vacuum cleaner and put a pair of stockings over the hose end to find it and pick it up.

19. Beeswax is a natural water-proofer.

Beeswax is a natural way to waterproof canvas shoes. Rub it in and then set with a hair-dryer on a cool setting.

20. Use safety pins to save your socks. 

Use safety pins to pair socks before you throw them in the wash to avoid having to sort and re-pair them.

21. Hairspray will stop tights running. 

Fact: hair-spray doesn't get the cred it deserves. Use a small amount on your tights to stop runs.

- Popsugar