Plus-size models share their fitness secrets

22:11, Mar 24 2014
Plus-size models
FIONA FALKINER: "I really love staying active and getting outside for a walk/jog/ride. Or if it's in the gym I'm a little obsessed with spin classes. I also practice yoga as I find it's amazing for mind and body."
Plus-size models
ABBY VALDES: "First of all I try not to dehumanise myself by comparing myself to thousands of other women. I am not them and they are not me. You should never wish to be anyone else. You don't know what issues they are battling. Then I pay attention to what I eat and how much I eat. I was raised eating very big portions and I also have a sweet tooth, so I have to be careful not to over indulge too much. And with exercise, if you hate exercising then you just need to figure out what you do love. I love rock climbing and weights."
Plus-size models
MERCY WATSON: "I live next to the ocean so I love soft sand running and swimming. Also as a model you often have to hold poses in unnatural positions for extended periods of time, which can put quite a bit of strain on your body. So to help with this I do reformer Pilates for realignment and to build up my core strength. I try stay away from processed foods and eat as much fresh produce as I can with lots of veggies, protein and whole grains, but I think the key is not to deprive yourself and just enjoy the less healthy options in moderation."
Plus-size models
GEORGINA BURKE: "I like to box because it's fun and a good way to release stress. I don't count calories or monitor everything that goes into my mouth — life is for living not counting!"
Plus-size models
BRENNA: "I go to the gym three to four times a week and do interval training on the treadmill and cross trainer. I'm not great with weights as they bore me, but occasionally I force myself to do some. I also walk everywhere I can - incidental exercise is the best."

We live in a world where the perfect body may or may not exist, but more often than not we receive all kinds of mixed messages indicating what society perceives as beautiful.

From a size six to the term plus-size, the reality is that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and it's unrealistic to think otherwise.

Hayley Hasselhoff - daughter of David Hasselhoff - has been modelling in the plus-size world since the age of 14, and is more than proud to advocate for woman in and outside the fashion industry.

ROLE MODEL: Hayley Hasselhoff - daughter of David Hasselhoff - believes there's no reason why plus-sized models shouldn't get the same recognition as stick-thin ones.

"People always want to go to the extreme negative side of things, and it's the same with plus-sized models. Plus size in the industry means curves.

"Let me break it down for you. Straight-sized boards are models size zero to six. Plus-size boards are models starting at a 10.

"If a size eight girl was 5' 11 and curvy, she'd be on the plus-sized board, because there's nothing in between," she tells


With more and more beautiful plus-size models appearing in our magazines, it's important to note that they're just as healthy as the person next to you, except one thing's different - they're not exercising themselves into the fashionable shape.

These women work out to be healthy, happy and confident that's it.

To find out exactly how these extremely beautiful and curvy women stay fit and healthy in the model world, we chatted to five fashion insiders. Click through the gallery above to discover their fitness secrets.

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