Why the Kimye Vogue cover is great

02:21, Mar 25 2014
MAN LOVE: Soon after the cover was released, Seth Rogen and James Franco got busy in Photoshop.

Just in case y'all have been living under a rock, you'll probably know that #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple Kim and Kanye landed the April cover of American Vogue over the weekend. Quite fittingly, the fashion world turned to Twitter to vent their spleens.

The generally over-the-top reactions ranged from glee and excitement to shock and utter disgust.

There were those calling it an early April Fool's joke, those voicing their concern for the future of the publication, and more than a few throwaway claims that Kanye West had in fact paid Anna Wintour for the privilege (an allegation which was pre-emptively refuted in her editor's letter).

VAGUE COVER: As did Kermit and Miss Piggy.

Blogger Bryan Boy gave off some seriously unchill vibes and even Sarah Michelle Geller piped up from the backseat and threatened to cancel her subscription.

The majority of the criticism so far has been levelled solely against Kim Kardashian.

To quote one no-name commenter: "This is ridiculous. I like Vogue because it's art and culture. And putting the queen of smut on the cover isn't any better than People or Star magazine."


HOT TOPIC: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the cover of Vogue.

We saw this kind of mean-spiritedness pop up during her pregnancy - when she wore that dress by Riccardo Tisci to the Met Ball - and again in Vienna earlier this year when a man sporting blackface accosted her.

Self-righteous internet dwellers declared that she was deserving of such mistreatment given the fact that she was a 'paid escort' to begin with.

Kim Kardashian may have become famous due to a sex tape, but she's managed to stay famous and build a media empire due to her business acumen.

Kimmy K is a self-made woman - with two books, countless collaborations and fragrances, hundreds of endorsements, and several successful TV shows under her crystal-studded belt.

The haters gonna hate, but there's no denying the fact that she's a woman of immense influence. 

Like Victoria Beckham - who made the tough ascension from manufactured pop star and perma-tanned footballer's wife to legitimately talented designer and most Googled brand of 2013 - Kim Kardashian has become a front-row regular and serious fashion power player.

To say Vogue is somehow too good to put her on its cover is perpetuating fashion's inherent snootiness -attitudes we ought to be rebelling against.

A one-time starlet of a Ray J sex tape now on the cover of Vogue? If anything, it's the new-look American Dream realised.

As The Cut comments, "it shows perseverance in the face of slut-shaming and revenge porn that is inspirational."

Kimye is the world's most ubiquitous couple - but they are also fashion outliers. Kanye West is the leather skirt-touting man without a filter. Kimmy K is curvy, sexy and unabashedly unpretentious in her sartorial choices. On most occasions, you'll find her wearing bandage dresses and needlepoint heels - definitely not in fitting with the refined, ethereal couture-heavy wardrobe choices of most Vogue cover stars.

After a slew of elegant, pretty, skinny, white lady actresses, it's refreshing to see an interracial couple on Vogue's cover.

And though this ought not be news in this day and age, let us remind you that the last time the glossy put a black man on its cover, it was in reference to King Kong.

Since Anna Wintour took the helm in 1988, American Vogue has embraced mass culture.

Wasn't this always her shtick? During the Olympics, four-time gold medallist Ryan Lochte occupied the prime space despite having only loose links to far-shun.

And, right now, there are no two people more emblematic of mass culture than Kim and Kanye.

Like Lena Dunham in February 2014, the public willed this cover into being, which opens doors for other less conventional stars. Who's next? Lupita Nyong'o? Laverne Cox? We can only hope.

Though Anna Wintour has had to defend her decision amid the backlash, it will be Wintour who'll be laughing at month's end.

The cover image, when it first dropped, garnered more clicks than Madonna's armpit stubble.

Snarky Kimye haters swiftly let rip, taking it as a personal betrayal, and yet such impassioned reactions can only mean one thing - controversy, buzz and cray, cray sales.

After all, having this many haters is, in a way, what gives Kimye their power.

How does that lyric go? "We shine because they hate us."

 You said it, Kanye.

- Daily Life