Three models fall at China fashion Week

01:06, Apr 02 2014
China Fashion Week
PILE OF WOBBLES: Despite her best efforts, she ended up in a pile on the runway. Ouch.
China Fashion Week
BEST FALL GOES TO... Strutting the runway carrying a long shawl is never easy, but with heels that high and pointy - a disaster is almost inevitable. You can guess what happened next...
China Fashion Week
UP AND AT 'EM: And here she is post fall - what a total pro.
China Fashion Week
BROUGHT TO HER KNEES: The look on her face says it all: 'curse these ridiculous shoes!'
China Fashion Week
AND AGAIN: Unfortunately, she didn't fare so well from her second trip and almost ended up in the lap of an audience member.
China Fashion Week
UNSURE FOOTING: It may be the most wearable look of the bunch, but even an ankle strap didn't save this model from stumbling.

You would expect models to trip occasionally while tottering down catwalks in crazy outfits and high heels, but you wouldn't expect it to happen to three models in one show.

But that's what happened during the Seccry Hu Sheguang show at China Fashion Week, and there were photographers there to capture the falls in all their glory.

It's frankly surprising that any of the models managed to remain upright, considering they were wearing heels with either seven or eight-inch platform shoes.

Perhaps the most dramatic spill was carried out by a model in a red body suit with a matching shawl and platforms.

The model looked shocked when the shawl got tangled in her heels, causing her to fall over completely and land on her side.

Another model all in red was literally brought to her knees by her platform heels.


Wearing a bright red wig and tall hat, the model winced and shut her eyes as she prepared herself for the inevitable (and probably painful) impact.

However she regained her composure and managed to finish her catwalk without a pained expression.

The last model had the most trouble. Wearing a sheer dress and nude Christian Louboutins in a group catwalk, she stumbled once but recovered. However she tripped a second time and fell to one knee.

Thankfully she just missed falling off the edge of the catwalk, and also managed to finish her parade.

Luckily none of the models were seriously hurt ... although their self esteem might be a little bruised.

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