Models to watch from iD Dunedin Fashion Week

23:25, Apr 06 2014
Models to watch
15-year-old Lily Van Buskirk snagged the honour of opening the WORLD show.
Models to watch
Although she's new to the modelling scene, 15-year-old Laura Belle's grungy look was a perfect fit for the Nom*D show.
Models to watch
Krue Love was a standout on the Company of Strangers catwalk, and is now planning to move cities to give full-time modelling a go.
Models to watch
21-year-old Doreen Ding's fierce walk was a highlight of the event.
Models to watch
Eve Ding, seen here on the Carlson catwalk, hopes to walk for Chanel one day.

The runway at iD Dunedin Fashion Week was bursting with fresh talent - these are the models who caught our eye.

Lily Van Buskirk

AGE: 15

ORIGIN: Massachusetts. Her dad is a New Yorker and her mum is from Dunedin, they moved back to New Zealand when Van Buskirk was 8.

When she was 12, she wore t-shirts down the runway at iD that named the designers before each show. She remembers wishing she could model the clothes.

"The next year I had a few more t-shirt walks, but another model got in a fight 45 minutes before the show and in, like, a movie or something, I got to do all of her walks."


This year, Van Buskirk was everywhere, but her classic peaches and cream look didn't feature at the Nom*D show.

"I'm never in the edgy group," she laments, but adds she has no plans to cut or colour her hair.

Laura Belle

AGE: 15

ORIGIN: Belle was born in Wellington, but recently moved to Dunedin

iD was Belle's debut modelling gig and she was picked to walk for the Nom*D show - she couldn't believe her luck.

She's been practising her walk over and over at home - "scaring the cat" - but she's well trained in high heels, having worn her first pair at nine and collected them ever since.

Belle describes her look as "kind of grungy, but girly at the same time," and says she's pursued modelling because "I'm a teenager, and teenagers like attention."

Krue Love

AGE: 18


Chosen to walk for both Nom*D and Company of Strangers at iD this year, Love's androgynous look has been turning heads ever since.

He's about to finish up his job at a café in Gore to move to Dunedin and see where modelling takes him.

"I definitely want to ride it as far as it goes."

Love finished Year 13 at Gore High last year, and says though he was always the last to be chosen when it came to sport, he enjoyed school. "I was different and people were interested."

His dream is to model for the French high fashion label Dior Homme, but he's also a big fan of Kiwi fashion.

"I love it. I think it's different to what you see internationally, because we are isolated as a country so I think we take inspiration from things that other places don't get to see."

Doreen Ding

AGE: 21

ORIGIN: Shanghai

Doreen Ding has university training to thank for her fierce walk.

She's a student at the Shanghai University of Engineering Science, and her major: fashion performance and planning, means she walks up and down a catwalk every day.

This is Ding's second time at iD Dunedin Fashion Week. She comes here because the Railway Station boasts one of the longest catwalks in the world - "it's amazing" - and she enjoys the New Zealand fashion scene.

"There are not many people here, but fashion is everywhere and the designers are really different."

What does she think of Kiwi models? "Super cute and friendly," she says. "I have made many new friends on Instagram."

Eve Ding

AGE: 22

ORIGIN: Shanghai

Also a modelling student at the Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Eve Ding has always wanted to be on the catwalk. "I did everything I could do."

Her favourite model is Miranda Kerr and she hopes to walk for Chanel one day.