What's up with Adrian Hailwood?

Well he had many sponsors for his show, I can give him that much. Even Visa was on his side. But many sponsors won't make a clever collection. This was bleeding awful.

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And before I say anymore let me just tell you something. I'm risking my reputation by giving you my honest opinion, and jeopardising my future entry to Fashion Week.

An editor who sat next to in the media room gasped with horror when I told her what I am about to write - she warned me I'd be blacklisted. But it has to be told.

 Adrian Hailwood - you've been around a while, you know what looks good and you usually get it right - so what happened this time? The show was a whole lot of bad in an ocean of OK. White silk jumpsuits anyone? What if we add black tassel fringing that runs down the leg? Decidedly pubic if you ask me.

A mullet style poncho with a fringe made of pom-pom? Honestly.

And just when you thought it was bad enough, out comes a pair of skinny leg, saggy crotch track pants in grey marl.

Worn with a dressy top and heels. Huh? I though we had seen the end of sport chic in 2008? Monsieur missed the memo perhaps?

And let me get back to my gripe. Why is it that restaurant reviewers are celebrated, but we fashion reporters daren't let our readers know what they need to steer clear of and what they should love?

It's not fair that we leave you in the dark with fashion, to stumble your way through bad collection after bad collection; when the gastro types are being clued up?

All my fellow fashion writers ever write about a show is "nice", and it's honestly because they are afraid of losing their front row seats. But whose fault is this?

Are the fashion writers chicken s**t or do the designers just need to harden up and take the criticism?

What do you think?