Why I wore no pants on national television

Why did I wear no pants on national television? Why? Not because I'm a loony extrovert, no, not at all. I swear I had a good reason for doing the fashion equivalent of streaking at a football game. Except that streaking at a football game is to be expected. Stripping down on national TV at nine in the morning is not. Poor Sarah (the presenter), she had no idea what had hit her. I went on Good Morning last week to talk about the shows from Paris Fashion Week.

I did have a good reason for it. I was deeply disturbed and afraid at something I had seen at the Paris Fashion Week shows. An awful trend was rearing its head like a filthy pimple about to erupt. I had to warn people; I had to stop it before it erupted all over our daughters and flowed down the main street.

It's like the "togs undies togs" ad: it's OK on Lady Gaga or Rihanna's ass whilst on stage performing (sparkly, and generally teamed with fishnet tights), but the minute they are worn by mortals in broad daylight they become totally unacceptable.

Watch the video and see for yourself:

I wore gifted When Harry Ran Away shirt from Harry's, Starfish White Lie wrap dress (worn open), Starfish knickers (designed to be knickers but worn as pants for the purposes of this exercise), and sneaky peeky copycat Louis Vuitton Spicy heels by Siren.

The perpetrators:

Balenciaga and Chanel

Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton (catwalk images courtesy of Style.com)

I'd like your opinion on this matter. Do you think we should be worried about this trend coming to our shores? It may be a year away yet, but still...

Sweaty Update:

I know you're all fizzing to know how the 10-day challenge went.

Well I came, I wore, I sweated, and um...I ah... I lost the challenge. Well sort of. Almost. You see, on the day-10 sniff test (sniffed by someone else as well), there was a very faint whiff in the armpit area. It was about the same sort of whiff you'd get from a brisk half hour walk in a normal cotton Tee. Except I'd been working out fit to bust 10 days straight and dripping with sweat. Apart from that the fabric still felt fresh and new, without and clamminess or stickiness.

So theoretically you could wear this shirt for 10 days straight and I'm sure there are some who do (e.g. blokes who ride bikes in mountains and shoot things in forests), but I will be washing mine every six days or so; and purely out of force of habit. That's still five times less shirt-washing than I'd normally do though, which is pretty amazing.

Now the fun bit. Who won the Bliss Wrap?

Thank you for all your wonderful comments and suggestions! A commenter was randomly drawn, and the winner.... is ...



... sorry couldn't help it.

The winner is commenter number #143 - Jess!

Congratulatory back-slaps Jess, your prize will be posted to you.

Have a happy Monday y'all!