What you'll be wearing come spring

Ahoy from Sydney. I'm over here checking out the new Samsung Galaxy S III, a spanking new phone that's as chic as a Fendi cotton bud. But more on that another time. I've been meaning to get this post up since I promised you I would way back when I told you I was going to the spring previews and I'm hopeless and busy and trying to think of excuses but it's here now and aren't you glad and actually you're getting three spring preview trips for the price of uh - one read. Enough garbage. I give you spring. It has nearly sprung. But we have to get through winter first. C'mon optimism!

But first here's some Glassons stuff you can buy right now. Or in a minute at least. Go Glassons! The brand that was once dowdy (remember that?) is now moving at lightning trend speed like that of its international big brother Topshop. This preview proved that there will be more silver than you can shake your tail feather at, more peplums to hide those muffin tops, and more neon than ever before. There is even a top that says "neon". Yup, you read that right.

Speaking of spring, what is spring without a good sandal or two? Kathryn Wilson has really pulled it out of the bag, kicked it up a notch, risen the ladder, done good this time round. Her massive spring footwear collection has a real international flavour, and is trendy while retaining its fun. The sweet little brogues are so totally wearable. Want need now.  

The ominous looking lineup at Showroom 22:

Above: The glutton in me can't deny the gorgeous things to eat and drink; Taylor, and spring flowers.

Above: Postie Plus YOU LIFTING THE BAR! Go have a peep but don't tell anyone our secret. And Twenty-seven Names' pussycat cameo jumper is set to be the It item of spring. Oh, and if the jumper is a bit out of your budget, you can always get the socks - they have cameo cats on them too.

A bit of a sailing mood at Juliette Hogan - Swallows and Amazons perhaps?

New season cake trends, and taking it to the neon limit at Alieda. Briarwood flower sandals.

And my favourite collection by far, Salasai. Designer Kirsha has recently moved to Oz, and we don't know if it's the warm weather going to her head or a swift move to Buddhism, but a dramatic change has taken place. The usually dark and graphic designer has gone Stella McCartney on us, producing lightweight relaxed tailoring in cottons, silks and linens that would make a St Tropez goer swoon. It may be resort-chic, but each garment is completely and utterly wearable out of the French holiday region, perhaps due to its twist on prairie style and a strong flavour of classic American sportswear. Except for the hot pink suit maybe. That'll be staying front row at fashion week.

A quick note: Never fret about the way it's styled on the runway, simply visually pick apart the outfit to find the pieces you'd want to wear. How's about that dark floral skirt with a sweet blouse for warm summer days?

And the boys. Ah, the boys. A little less holiday in a small beachside town, and a little more hillbilly. But everyone likes a good prairie dog. A hillbilly holiday perhaps?


All images thanks to Nikau Hindin, Norrie and Richard Symons

Have a happy Friday!