Ask Elie Saab a question

01:55, Sep 19 2012

Few of us have many red carpet moments in our lives. My ratio of red carpet moments to everyday nose-picking minutes is currently sitting at about 1:300. That's about 1.4 times a year I have a red carpet moment. Unless of course you count the secret mincing about my lounge in head-to-toe sequins with the radio blasting, then it's a few more.

I'm in Dunedin right now and the young men down here have red carpet moments every weekend. Stroll down George Street late on a Saturday night and you'll see countless hairy blokes dressed up to the nines in floor-length ballgowns, slutty cocktail numbers and strappy high heels. Apparently it's some sort of student initiation ceremony, though it seems to work as a dare among mates all year round as well. 

But what I'm trying to wrangle here is that those special moments come few and far between for most, unlike the lucky schlebs who roll their eyes and get their moustaches plucked in prep for a closeup and a tight frock every other week. For us, we swoon at the Grammys, Golden Globes and Oscars on the tele and save up all our fabulous red gown ideas for our 5th form school ball, wedding or coming out party. 

Look at these stunning red carpet divas. What do they all have in common?

They're all wearing gowns by Elie Saab. This king of the Red Carpet dress is rather unusually a Lebanese-based designer (most couturiers are French), and has made his name for dressing some of the world's most beautiful women. While his red carpet gowns are off limits to most of us, you can buy his wedding gowns here in NZ if you have a willing fiance. But for us mortals who have neither a plane ticket to Lebanon nor a fiance in sight, you can settle for his femininely terrific perfume.


And it's the subject of perfume (and red carpet gowns) that brings us here to this blog post today; because on the eve of the launch of Elie Saab's latest perfume, he's allowing us to interview him! Whhaaaaat?   


On receiving the news that I was to get an interview, I immediately flipped my nut. What the heck do you ask one of the most famous fashion designers in the world? What the freak do you ask the man who has personally fitted countless gowns to Beyonce's incredible butt? What do you ask the man who emerged like a gunshot from the midst of nowhere in Lebanon to the catwalks of Paris; who went from a menial designer to producing not only ready-to-wear ranges, red carpet gowns and couture, but resort wear and perfume as well? Oh the pressure.

Which is why I need your help. YOU'RE going to come up with some questions for me. What would you love to ask Elie Saab? Get your thinking caps on, kids, the interview happens in just a few days...

Post your questions for Elie in the comments below; alternatively you can tweet me!