How do you take your pastel?

It's a tricky bloody shade. One might even call it sissy. I did. Still do. If one were to liken colour shades to animals, black would be a slinky big cat, red would be a rabid horny baboon, and pastel would be a floppy and flimsy baby giraffe - cute, but without much balls. While I'd love to have legs like a giraffe, I don't much associate my personality with one.

And so when the pastel trend came a-calling, I avoided it. Like the plague. I don't (didn't, until yesterday) own one piece of pastel anything. Until my favourite khaki shirt got an unmendably large hole, and I went shopping for a new one. There was no khaki to be seen. Not in Newmarket anyway. So I dared myself to scramble bravely out of my rut (see, even fashion people have style ruts) and try on the pastel one. Not so bad. But how to stop it looking sissy?

Saw a challenge. Had to take it. That will be on my gravestone. Do I look like a sissy now? Don't say it or I'll punch you. Not. Not. I took the "slightly mad" train of thought and styled my Country Road shirt with Asos paisley shorts, of which I believe you've seen the jacket before (always aim for covering the whole body in print) and some rather large heels by Hailwood for Mi Piaci. And yes, I can walk in them, rather well thank you, and scare and chase children in them.

Because unless you're a kindy teacher, I reckon pastel needs a few props to sartorially hold it up. It teams well with stupidly loud prints, it also works with over the top accessories, to which I'm strongly drawn. But have you ever tried it with black?

Ashley Fogel blazer, Malene Birger pants. Photos thanks to the wonderfully talented Richard.

I did. Not too shabby. I told my photographer I might look Gothic. He told me there's actually a new wave tribe calling themselves Pastel Punks. I think I've seen them at the mall. Pastel for the office? Pencil skirt and sensible heels equals inpromptu hula dance.  

Michael Angel skirt, Manolo Blahnik heels.

What do you think of pastels? Have you got into them yet? Here's a slog of them:


Clockwise from top left: Max,, Marcs, Number Ones Shoes, Diva, and Max.

So tell me this; how do you take your pastels?

Have a great weekend!




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