Cleaning up my act

22:52, Oct 17 2012

Despite what the cynics say, clothing has a lot to do with mood. It's a sartorial barometer of the way you're feeling at the time, or the way you'd like to be feeling - rich, skanky, tomboyish, relaxed, groomed, homeless. Right now I want to feel clean. Not because I'm dirty (insert bad boy joke here), but because after the past few months of penis-shrivelling prints and in-yer-face accessories, I need a spa retreat.  

DKNY, and Chloe spring 2012/13.

A recent project has got me thinking about the way we wear our clothes, and our relationship with them. Yes - I have a very close relationship with my shoes; how about you? If you've ever snuck into a fancy store way outside your usual price range and acted as though you're far-too-rich-and-can't-be-bothered-with-all-this-stuff-you're-just-waiting-for-your-husband-to-buy-his-new-Ferrari (I did it at Gucci the other day - try it, it's fun), and tried on a REAL PROPER well-made blazer or pair of pants, you'll start thinking about the relationships you have with your clothes. Trust me on this one. You can have an overwhelming love and respect for one or two great items, or you can have a hoarding mass of things you care not-a-helluva-lot-about. In all honesty this has nothing to do with the price tag, but I just wanted you to go play in a poncy store because it's fun. A heap of affordable clothing can be worthy of developing a relationship with as well.  

But honestly. Look at these clothes. What can you see? They're crisp, clean, and all have a focus on fit and silhouette.


10 Crosby by Derek Lam, and Camilla and Marc SS12/13.

So that's what I'm getting at.

Wearing a vintage basketball singlet, Ghost trousers and Country Road shoes.

See how I'm holding that printed jacket with only two fingers? I'm holding it in disgust - like one would hold a pooey baby nappy. Right now I'm sorry, but prints are out in favour of my sartorial spa retreat to clean-lined clothing.

If you were to redefine your wardrobe (temporarily, for a week at tops maybe) to crisp and clean, what would be in it? Here are my picks:

From top left, left to right: Siren heels, Ruby scarf, Ezibuy dress, David Lawrence skirt, Ruby top, and Cue pants.

What say you?


Oh P to the S, you've only got two more days to enter this comp, so hurry!





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