Wearing flats for charity

21:17, Oct 18 2012

After the mad battle of opinions that went on over my footwear choice this week, I thought it was about time I stepped down a level (literally speaking) and showed you some flats. I DO actually wear them. Occasionally, maybe once or twice a week.   

Scruffy in-paint text with unsteady hand. Wearing Adidas zip through, Topshop shorts, and Converse x Marimekko shoes.

Shoes for me are not for practicality. And even when I need them to be practical, their No 1 role is to look good. Shallow? Mad? Very. Handle it. My feet like to be well dressed. My select few flats (the ratio of flats vs heels is about 1:10) I own, I'll share with you. My camera went dud yesterday so I couldn't take actual photos of my real live flats, but I searched them on the interwebs and got the pictures so you can still see. 

The wedge sneaker. Ay, I was the sucker that bought into this trend. Funnily enough they serve the purpose of casual wear without losing the height I've become accustomed to.


The bats**t-crazy sneaker. For period days, walking the dog days, days when you can't be bothered but wanna look like you can, and days when you're feeling mad like Yayoi Kusama.

Palladium boots. For walking the dog in extreme mud, rugged photoshoot sets, or playing urban safari ninja down Ponsonby Road.

Adidas faux-trainers. These shoes look like running shoes but you can't really run in them because they're just made that way for looks. Perfect for sports-chic mode for the days when heels just won't do.

Why am I showing you my flats? Because at the end of next week I'll be wearing flats for many, many hours for charity. I'm running the Auckland Marathon in trainers, not heels, to raise money for The Heart Foundation. More and more young people every year are dying due to heart disease, and what's really scary is that most of these cases are due to unhealthy lifestyle choices - changeable habits like poor diet, lack of exercise and being a smoker. I'm raising money to help the Heart Foundation get the word out, raise awareness and provide support and treatment for people with heart conditions. I'd love it if you could donate - even a tiny bit, everything counts. I've set up a fundraising page over on the Heart Racer website to make it easy for you to contribute. My run is Sunday, October 28, and I'll be running with the rest of my #MyGirls team, so if you're around Auckland come and cheer us on!    

But back to fashion for a sec - I'd love to know what sorts of flats you wear! What are your favourites!? Share your favs in the comments below!

Have a great weekend! I'll be running - in my flats!