Beauty to last

23:11, Oct 22 2012

Being a beauty guinea pig, I'm always trying stuff out. You'll understand, then, that the stuff that is chosen to come home with me and be used regularly has to be pretty freakin' good. I'm not the type of gal who sweeps a file over her nails or peers into compact mirrors to reapply her lipstick in every spare minute. I'm too bust for that, I need my stuff to last. If my world of beauty were invented by me and every product could do whatever I told it to, I'd be changing my nail polish once a month tops and my lipstick would be the same. Sadly nobody has invented it that good yet. But I reckon I've found some products that do nearly as good a job as that. Nearly, so I thought I'd share them with you. Because who really has time for constant fingernail polishing?

I have a confession to make. I'm not the Disney Princess you all thought I was. The main reason I always have painted nails (apart from the fact that they look freaking cool) is because I bite my nails. Or maybe gnaw is a better word. I've tried the nasty-tasting paint-on stuff, but no matter, every time I'm deep in concentration writing, my fingers creep into my mouth. Nail polish is the only thing that stops me doing it. Do you bite your nails? C'mon, fess up and make me feel less freakish. But back to the point, here are my current long-lasting favs:

I would never have thought that a brand who sourced nail polish for their label could get it so right, but this stuff is goooood. I've had mine on for a week now without a top coat because I'm lazy and there isn't a chip in sight. Oh and I even cleaned the toilet yesterday. Because I know you wanted to hear that. It's $19 from Ruby boutiques or off their website.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Vernis is another super goodie. I've been wearing the same one for the last six weeks, and only removed it because my toenails began looking like Orc feet in length. Apparently it's a new technology that uses Gel ingredients - so like halfway between a gel and a normal nail polish but without the need for UV drying - hence it lasting ages. It's also bloody cheap, at $9.99 a pop.


And for the cash moneyed of you, or simply the seriously into beauty treatment types, O.P.I Gels are the shizz. Though being gels they're in another league. Expect to get up to three weeks of sweet loving from there guys. In salons only. 

What about lips? I've learnt that matte lipsticks last longer than shiny types. Lucky, because I prefer the matte look anyway. These three lippies have made a home in the bottom of my handbag, they all dry within about a minute and become like paint on your lips.

M.A.C matte lippy. Though you must have been living under a stone if you didn't already know this. Funnily enough their nail polish isn't as hot. It chips on the first day, even with base and top coat. Same goes for Designer Brands Nail polishes. But the cheapest of them all, Miki (from pharmacies for $4), is awesome. Anyway, back to lips.

Innoxa. I always spell it wrong and give it two x's. But believe me the matte version is amaze. And $20 or thereabouts too. My other fav:

Wowza that's big. Napoleon DeVine (with a tick above the first E that blogger doesn't let me do) Goddess lippy. I have it in Xenia and it makes my lips look like a juicy angel's mouth. Or at least how I'd imagine it to look. 

I'd love to hear about your long-lasting makeup finds, what do you love and use? Tips pleeease!!!