Playing with the boys

There's something very captivating about women who wear men's clothing. On the one hand it can spell tomboyish rogue, and on the other, an undeniable sexiness. Any man will tell you he loves the idea of a woman wearing his T-shirt, and of certain screen sirens geared up in rugged man-style outdoors clothing; but it doesn't just go the one way. Wearing the boys' gears is also empowering to us women. Not saying that women's clothing is "weaker" than men's, but because as women we can play both the soft feminine role AND the do-it-all modern woman. Who can deny the spunk of Gwyneth in a mo as a boy in Shakespeare in Love, or the covetable image of Yves Saint Laurent's famous Le Smoking suit - the first of its kind inspired directly by a gentleman's tuxedo?

Our mate Gwyneth, and YSL's infamous Le Smoking suit.

I feel a strong affinity with boy's clothing because I almost turned out as one. I was a total tomboy to the point that no girl's clothing touched my flesh until developing breasts in my early teens forced it at the swimming pool. Which is why when I spotted the Little Brother spring collection at the showroom the other day I danced about like an idiot and pleaded with them to wear it myself.

Perhaps it's in line with my current theme, but I love the simplicity of good blokes' clothing. And it seems that the appointment of blogger and menswear enthusiast Isaac Hindin-Miller as Little Brother's creative director has been a good move. Wish You Were Here is the title of the collection now in store at Barkers, and it's full of classic wardrobe staples, lean lines and fresh new colours for the coming season. Isaac was thinking what I was thinking about deep greens for spring, and sweatshirting and chambray make a perfect lightweight touch.

Wearing LB Frenchy Tee

Me and him. Wearing the LB Pound Tee

S'up bro. Wearing the Standard shirt and the Burnside pant both in bone, and my own Palladium boots.

Bedforn blazer and LB walk short in Olive, and how he wears it. 


And us both wearing Western shirt and LB walk short in blue. Who wore it best?

Boys - it's worth a looksee into Barkers to check out the range, and girls - leap on it and have a play in the smaller sizes, because who says the fun can be kept for the blokes?

Have a great Thursday everyone!


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