The hottest summer hair looks and WIN

23:50, Nov 06 2012

It's about time to start thinking about that. Hair, I mean. Since I have begun (tentatively) wearing it down I've started paying much more attention to current trending hairstyles. And I can't help but notice that lots of other girls look like me. Damn. 

Apparently my $24 Just Cuts snip was right on trend. I wanted to know more, so I quizzed up the Man in The Know when it comes to what's on trend for hairstyles - creative director for Rodney Wayne and a member of the Redken international creative team, Richard Kavanagh. My blunt fringed bob just happens to be part of a current revival of 60s-inspired dos, says Kavanagh. "Strong shapes and heavy fringes with blunt lines," he notes, are hawt.

The inspiration:

The Do:


See what I'm getting at here? Straight lines, people. But if that's not your thing or you have a love affair with the razor comb then try one of these other trends:

How about a bit of rock and roll mess?

"Contradicting this [the 60s blunt look] is a leaning towards a 60s meets 90s Seattle rock vibe," says Richard. Think mussed up salty textures, asymmetrical bangs, and an awfully relaxed attitude to your hair care routine. Richard called it styled. I call it sex hair. 

Mussy... You can achieve this look with a game of rough and tumble on the bed, or with a bit of salt spray and some wax rubbed through the ends of the hair. 

But what about colour, you ask. I asked him that as well. If you're hella brave then you should try one of the biggest trends of the season - raspberry locks. It's a look that's been popping up a bit in recent times but this summer it's looking to be stronger than ever. The really brave should try the all-over red dunkaroo, while those keen to merely sample the good can try the faded pink dip. And for the totally chicken  amongst us, there's always Colour Bug. "There's nothing quite like a screaming raspberry red to say 'new you'!" says Richard. Indeed.


From top: for the brave, and a dip dye option for the not-so-ballsy. Alternatively you can use clip-in hair extensions. I found these ones here, you can get them from pharmacies. 

As for the more au naturel shades, light toffee is big this season, as are cool golds if you're wanting to play with the blonde hues. And for the brunettes among us try balayage - a dye technique that Richard assures me is tres chic for summer. I did a bit of reading and apparently it was invented in the 70s, and involves your hairdresser literally painting the dye on to your head. The result is a very natural-looking high- or low-light (provided she has a steady hand!).

The balayage technique in action.

"Subtle shading in colour technique can enhance the hair shape," says Richard. So get on down to your colourist and get her to carve you out some wonders. She'll literally be painting your cut!

These key hair trends were used in the new Rodney Wayne summer campaign that was launched on Monday. Richard was as always the mastermind behind each hair look. This year, though, there's something a little different going on - the campaign, titled Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, features real women. Rodders and his team realised that a core of his clients are actually whole families of women that come through his doors. Mothers, Daughters, Sisters is not only a celebration of these clients, for me it's a celebration of femininity, and of natural and imperfect beauty (though all of the women shot were totally stunning).  

This is model Cair Kneller (right) and her sister Sarah. Tick off raspberry, and rocker trends.

Esther Cronin and her mum Sarah, trying the raspberry dipped trend, and rocker.

And last, Lily Montana Griffiths and her mum Brigette Berger. Can you tell who is who?

Now to celebrate the campaign launch (and because I love you all very much) I have an incredible prize for you to win. Richard has done hair work for Italian Vogue, Australian's Next Top Model and countless other high-profile gigs, and he wants to do your hair

Those are his tattooed arms.


One lucky reader will get a cut and blow dry by Richard himself (who's too flash now to cut hair regularly, so think of this as an honour). Because this campaign is about celebrating the women in our lives, to enter this comp I want you to tell me about a special mother, daughter or sister in your life.

Richard is regularly in the main cities, so he'll schedule your cut on his next visit to your town.

Pop your wee story in the comments below. Best of luck!





Oh and P to the S, Elie Saab came back to me with his answers (sorry it took so long - he was working on his new collection in Paris), so look out for his interview and answers to YOUR questions going up very soon!