The fashion storage conundrum

21:42, Nov 12 2012

It's one thing to own a lot of cool things, but it's hard to enjoy them if you don't store them right. Merchandising your wardrobe like a shop seems to be the stuff of dreams, which only pop stars and millionaires are capable of. Not true. Since experiencing (watching) Carrie's dream wardrobe renovation in the Sex and the City movie I've been dreaming of my very own perfect storage system. A new move and the need to buy all new furniture made this dream possible, and over the past few weeks I've been working on my little project. 

I'm a firm believer that shoes can live anywhere - in the fruit bowl, on the bookshelf, among your jewellery, as really great shoes are work of art, no? I got this large wall unit from My Flatpack - they import Ikea and have lots of really cool and well-priced things. 

A few of the boxes:


From top: hysterical fluffy heels I got from Asos, a selection of my perfume wardrobe - the front one is Issey Miyake Pleats Please, I live the bottle; and Dries van oten mermaid shoes. I found these candles on this great new site Let Liv. They import sweet Scandinavian-style design and homeware pieces, and are based in Wellington. It's just an online store at this stage but I found them super-easy to order from. 

More details. 1: I made about five little terrariums with vases from Briscoes. I love putting little guys or toadstools in them and making wee worlds. It's like playing Sylvanians all over again. 2: The shoes in image two are actually cowboy boots that I cut down with a craft knife. They're now my favourite weekend shoes. Displayed with a necklace from Rockbourne. 3: Some more shoes. I like putting the heels like this so I can remember what they look like in their entirety. I often forget. These are Tony Bianco gold ones and Manolo Blahniks. 4: Sweaters, though hopefully they'll no longer be needed this season!

All my foldable clothes found a home in the cubby boxes, and my coats and dresses are tucked into my built-in wardrobes in the room. However, I like to see what I have so I have hung all the things I regularly wear (or that I'd like to see on high rotation) out on a rack in the room. On this also goes a selection of belts, a few strange hats and wild skirts. 


I store all my makeup in this red set of steel drawers - also from My Flatpack. I've sectioned each part of each drawer with bits of card (sorry, should have taken a picture) and pile things into lips, eyeliners, eyeshadows etc. The lamp, yellow pouf (which I need to get more beads for - it's looking a little thin) and the cool stripey mat are also from Let Liv. This site and Myflatpack are by far my two new favs. I have so many thing bookmarked on Let Liv that I want to buy. They also have really cute wooden kiddy toys that are going to make perfect Christmas prezzies for all the little people I know, and my Christmas prezzy to myself will be one of the Herman & Sons rings, which I urge you to check out and then leave the page open for your boyf to see. Hopefully if he's not too dimwitted he'll get the hint. This pouf comes in a gazillion other colours but I thought the yellow went quite well with my red and orange accents. The dog painting is by Wellingotn artist Jeff Kroning, and another larger terrarium, more shoes in strange places, and a collection of well-thumbed books. Oh and another skull in a glass case. I have a few dotted about the house.  

Images thanks to Richard Symons.

I'd love to know how you store your stuff - do you have any genius ways of piling things together nicely? I love the idea of a jewellery tree - thinking that may be next on my list.


I hope you all have a great day!