Clothes that Werk

Werk da Werk, Werk da Werk. Or however Missy Elliot says it. Would you scoff at me if I told you I spent $250 on a plain T-shirt? Probably. But there's reason to my madness, and it ain't because I got dosh to burn. It's because it's a Werk shirt. Werk is Missy Elliot for work, and as Missy Elliot is hardcore, I'd say with pretty sure sincerity that that means that Werk means hardcore work. Got my drift?

Etoile Isabel Marant T-shirt, from Workshop.

This post, in case you haven't yet picked up what I'm putting down, is about hard-working garments. Stuff that you live in, love in, heck, probably even make love in, most definitely have a good time in, and occasionally take off in a huff because you have to wash it. Garments that Werk hard dance in the same alley as the Cost Per Wear deal. They may cost a leg plus a borrowed one, but dayum those garments put a good effort in. Like eager interns on their first job, they bleed and sweat and break their backs to make your life that teeny bit easier - and better looking. 

Day Birger Et Mikkelsen shirt; and Marc by Marc Jacobs heels from Runway Shoes.

Call them Classics, call them bloody expensive, heck, even call me mad but these be the garments you'll remember forever, and more often than not still have when you're 50. I once read an article that told me what things I should be buying in my 20s, 30s, 40s et cetera. In your 20s you were supposed to spend money on jeans and scrappy little strips of fabric called party dresses. The 30s and 40s were where it started to get interesting. You were allowed to throw dosh about on a great pair of pumps, well crafted handbags and in your 50s - ye gads, a fancy watch and an overcoat. Does that mean we have to wait until we're 50 to be warm? 

Michael Kors Watch from Shopbop; and Deadly Ponies bag.

I like what they did in this article, but I'm a little more impatient than all that. What was true about the article was that by the time we near the end of our 20s we do indeed begin making purchases that are more planned, and more "invested" (as much as you can "invest" in a pair of Jimmy Choos anyway). Perhaps we're becoming more sensible. Perhaps we've just finally found an excuse to waste a whole pay cheque on a classy leather satchel. 

Marc by Marc Jacobs boots from Runway Shoes; and Nudie Jeans.

Either way I like it. Not to say I'll do it forever (you should see my fluffy $50 score from Asos), but it sure does make sense to me when it comes to the hard Werkers. Does anyone else think that word sounds like a German sausage? You could have had 10 plain T-shirts for the price of my one, but no amount of cheap tees compare to the stench of French fashion design against your skin. It's bloody addictive. 

Every woman needs a fantastic dress in her life. A cut on the bias style is classical and enhances great curves. Zimmermann dress. 

Whether your idea of expensive equals a pair of Dickies shorts or a Louis Vuitton bag, when you decide to buy clothing that Werks, you get the best you quite possibly can. I need not mention the quality - you know all that, but it's also the appreciation you'll have for being the a-hole driving the Porsche when everyone else in your lane is driving a Toyota. 

Hope yall have a restful weekend!