It's all about the underwear

There are many sheer garments popping up in the shops for summer, and that's got me thinking hard about underwear.

As commonly as the Mrs Smith's of the world wear their sheers layered to cleverly disguise all sense of flesh beneath, something has to be said for the joys of the peekaboo garment. 

Image via WhoWhatWear

As the phenomenon becomes hard to ignore on the international street style circuit, so too grows the variations of underwear on display. In short, lingerie has become just as much a fashion statement as your monogrammed toy poodle. 

In a trend that Lonely Hearts can attest to, undergarments are no longer the twin-strapped bolder holder we're used to. Many have even lost their sense of usefulness (which we like to call 'utilitarian' in fashion) and rely purely on their looks - much like the hot girl at my local coffee shop. I'm just waiting for her useless good looking ass to be fired. Not only that, they're also creeping into every spectrum of the fashion prism.  We've got the minimalist look (as seen above), the geometric futuristic version, and as you can admire below, we even have sports chic:


I pulled out an Adidas sports bra from my gym gear yesterday and wore it with a spaghetti strap singlet that hung almost as nipple-scrapingly low as the beef-steaks at the gym. Except I wasn't going to the gym. Don't take my bra so literally guys. I went and bought coffee.  

Make your bra into a fashion statement. Heck, you could have a whole wardrobe of different styles. So what does your bra say about you? 

The Minimalist:


The full cover lover:



The vintage fanatic:



A love for the bright lights:

Cotton On


The 'It' Bra pack:

Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang


The sports chic:

Active Intent


The Balletic:

Resultwear from Net-a-porter

And the geometric:

Jimmy D's famous Pentacle bra in Remix magazine.

And if all else fails, make like Calvin Klein and find a dress that just screams for you to let it all hang out:

Get your cleavage out and have a happy Monday!