Diary of a Canine Model

Hi, Toby here.

She gave me the opportunity to guest-blog today, because I'm thinking of starting my own blog. It's about time I flexed my paws and branched out in my career a bit, I think. As Eva Longoria told my mum, who told me, even celebrities no longer have all their eggs in one career basket. They do it all, ya know? Eva has her acting, her failed restaurant, her Obama-following fundraising commitee and her L'Oreal contract, and I'm a model. And a shopper. And cafe hopper. And soon to be blogger, I hope.

A bit of background on me - I'm a long-haired Jack Russell with a designer hairstyle, and I'm a model. I did quite a bit of work in Wellington, but since I've moved to Auckland my career has really taken off. I mean, all the agencies and great photographers are here (though Maarty at the Dominion Post will always be my fav for taking my best picture, plus he tickles that perfect spot behind my right ear).

My career started off as it does for many fashion royalty spawn - from going to shoots with my Mum. I was attracted to the camera from a pup and would try to kill the flashing creatures (I later found out it was the flash going off - man I was lame), and often ended up in shots. My first big break was modelling alongside Top Model winner Danielle Hayes in the Dominion Post Fashion Mag. They also shot me for the cover, but the stupid editors decided they wanted the girl on the front instead of me. Laaayme. Especially seeing as poochy couture was so hot for that season. 

There I am peering mysteriously through the grasses. The photographer wanted me behind her leg because I looked more dramatic and INTENSSSSE that way. Unfortunately I was placed on page 26 and not in the centrefold.  

Anyways right now I'm really just working on my bod (love that Western Park in Ponsonby), going on coffee dates with my flatmate Wolfgang (they know us by name at Dizengoff), and whitening my teeth with organic beef bones in preparation for my big close-up - it's coming soon, I can feel it in my tail. Anyways you probably want know about my flatty a bit, he's a Dachshund (he hates it when people call him a "Sausage Dog", and he hobnobs with pop stars. Pretty cool but I don't care, I'm more of a fashion type anyway, and models are way cuter than pop stars (not jealous). Here's his latest shoot, cover of Creme mag with Reece Mastin. I was a little green, I mean Reece stroked his chest. Not many people can claim that.


Wolf (that's what we call him) was a bit gutted he didn't have his nails done in time - he got them done at O.P.I the day after this. Will show you later. He chose the new Neons collection but I'm into more of a masculine look so I just got mine buffed and went for nude. 

SO what's a doggy model's life like, you ask? It's hard. Truly babes. Human models whine about the fact that they have to wear skimpy bikinis on cold days and winter coats on hot ones, but try wearing a hot coat all the time and cooking under flash bulbs - panting tongue looks sexy sometimes but when you're modelling farm utes it's really not so chic. And the waiting? Human models don't get tied to the chair leg for ages on end.

The photographer usually gets about five or six shots in before I get the urge to scratch myself or lick my butt, and then we get shooting again. People say never work with children or animals, but provided we are plied with treats, we'll do anything. Up to a point. All in all though, being a model is pretty cool - the payoffs outweigh the waiting around, and I get to hang out with my Mum all day. I just wish they'd get me a modelling job at Stuff, then I could go the office with her too.    

My latest campaign (I know!) launched last week with a massive party at Ponsonby Central, and I was guest of honour. I mean there were other guests of honour but I was by far the cutest. And if you were to measure the honour award in how many pats one got, then I'd totally win. The Four Eyes guys only got three pats. My pose required a whole lot of balancing (who says a model's job is easy?) so my mum had to stand next to me in case I fell. Pity the photographer forgot to crop her out. Here's a close shot of me anyway:

Anyways this campaign isn't properly out until March next year, but that gives you just under four months to lust after my hairy bod and wish your puppy had pecs like mine. 

This week Wolf and I are gearing up for all the great Christmas parties, making our parents iron our bow ties and getting O.P.I manis and pedis, because as a model you always have to be looking your best. Your next campaign could be just around the corner...   

Off to sniff a crotch and lick a bone,