When opposites attract

23:06, Dec 17 2012

Fashion is just a big game of dress-ups, they say; but come in costume and you'll be the last one picked for the team every time. Why? Because fashion also happens to thrive on being different - God forbid if you arrive at the party to find someone dressed the same as you.

Playing with opposites not only takes something that could be deemed a literal take on a trend and turns it into a theoretical rendition of what would otherwise be deemed a 'costume', it also makes any outfit look like it was nonchalantly thrown together, which happens to be an enviable trick of many fashion stylists (Sorry guys, I just let your great industry secret slip). 

Playing about with opposites not only stops you being poked into a particular fashion box, it also allows you to play with different sides of a personality. Flippy frilly dress fun for a day but feeling a little girly for you? Toughen it up with a heavy belt aka Taylor up here. She mash a womanly blouse with a tough bitch belt so nobody be mistaking her for a softie. 



Give a printed jacket, designer hangbag and glam jewel necklace a touch of bogan with a sloppy beanie and grey sweat T-shirt. Even with red lipstick on it would be hard to call this outfit high maintenance. 


And the lazy gals high-fashion outfit option? Pair a sloppy man shirt with jeans, heels and a designer-looking bag. Ain't nobody gonna mistake you for being girly, yet ain't nobody gonna call you a slob with heels as high as them. Cruise the centreline folks!

Happy mixing and matching!




Images Tommy Ton via Jak and Jil



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