In which I bid you farewell

Dear friends,

As the ageing rocker's wrinkles will inevitably show, and the whiff of a fresh dog turd result in a pulled face, all things must eventually come to an end. This marks the last post of Crazy Chic in her current form as I move on to other projects and challenges.

It won't be the last you read of me though; like that wafting dog turd stuck on your shoe, I'm pretty hard to get rid of. I'll simply be moving on to other places in other forms, but will always remain writing for your reading pleasure. 

It has been a wonderful ride, and I thank you all for your amazing and sometimes hilarious contributions to the blog. Together I think we may have helped make fashion that teensy bit funnier, and that teensy bit less scary.

All the best for your wardrobes ahead,

Love Crazy Chic