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Recipe: Matcha buckwheat pancakes

Matcha buckwheat pancakes from True Food and Yoga

Matcha pancakes, maple, blueberries and passionfruit

Feta & spring onion scrambled eggs, and egg, walnut & watercress sandwiches

We are lucky enough to have a bit of a backyard, it's nothing out of the ordinary, but it is big enough to enable us to grow a few veges and keep a few chooks. 

Blueberry smoothie bowl with a difference

Taste-test: DIY KFC with 'leaked' recipe video

readers' recipes

Recipe: the easiest, edible gift stuff nation

STOCKING STUFFERS: Or tummy stuffers, for that matter.

Even my allergic-to-the-kitchen husband could knock these feative treats out.

Recipe: Feel-good stir fry stuff nation

This yummy, veggie stir fry from Kat Guise is a quick meal that won't hit you too hard in the pocket.

MMM ... MUFFINS: These muffins can be served with cream or yogurt. .

Fruity gluten-free muffins recipe

Yummy home-baked muffins? These gluten-free, grain-free, low sugar muffins are just the thing.


Wines reflect where they come from

Gibbston Valley China Terrace Chardonnay.

"Sense of place" is a phrase that gets a lot of airplay in the world of wine.

Raw cocoa and prune truffles with pistachios

All you need is a food processor, a few ingredients and a desire for something rich and decadent.

Award-winning Manawatu barista Andrew Feldon is set to become an international coffee judge.

Star barista takes flight

A Manawatu coffee barista's dreams are soaring upwards as he becomes an international coffee judge.

food news

Eatery swaps guns for pizza

Pizza never hurt anyone, other than a few burnt tongues.

Fair trade? This pizza shop owner thinks a slice is the answer to gun violence.

Sausage rolls for all

Here are two top recipes for sausage rolls, which will suit both meat eaters and vegetarians.

What's next - deep fried jelly shots?

Would you try deep fried jelly?

Everything tastes better battered and fried, even cherry jelly.

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