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Recipe: Parmesan courgette fries

PARMESAN COURGETTE FRIES: Much lighter and healthier than your regular deep-fried potato version.

Who needs potato chips when you can make something much healthier with courgettes.

3 ways with... salad dressings

Step away from that bottle of ready-made salad dressing.

Recipe: Prawn tabbouleh

Five perfect peach recipes

readers' recipes

Recipe: the easiest, edible gift stuff nation

STOCKING STUFFERS: Or tummy stuffers, for that matter.

Even my allergic-to-the-kitchen husband could knock these feative treats out.

Recipe: Feel-good stir fry stuff nation

This yummy, veggie stir fry from Kat Guise is a quick meal that won't hit you too hard in the pocket.

MMM ... MUFFINS: These muffins can be served with cream or yogurt. .

Fruity gluten-free muffins recipe

Yummy home-baked muffins? These gluten-free, grain-free, low sugar muffins are just the thing.


How to pair spirits with food

Pairing cocktails with food can be particularly fun because cocktails can be tweaked to suit a dish.

Pick your poison, and we'll tell you what to eat with it.

Do you like pina coladas?

Forget the song - let's talk about the cocktail that just won't go away.

Craft Beer College organisers Phil Cook and Stephanie Coutts

Wellington's Ale University

Wellington's Craft Beer College is holding a flavourful exam for beer connoisseurs in June.

food news

Chinese food at a cafe near you

Aoraki Polytechnic cookery tutor Stephen Le Corre prepares the ingredients for a basic Chinese/Asian dish.

Dumplings and rice paper rolls will soon be on the menu at South Canterbury cafes.

Jo Seagar 'chuffed' with Order of Merit

What better way to celebrate the celebrity chef's 60th birthday?

Nela Zisser - a model and a competitive eater (not a common combo) - has managed to scoff a 2.3kg burrito in under five minutes.

Kiwi model inhales dog-sized burrito video

She wants to break stereotypes by becoming a competitive eating champion, one giant burrito at a time.

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