How to make dull porridge awesome

Apple, cinnamon and walnuts are a great addition to porridge - a classic.

Spice up your porridge game with something a little different.

Five ways to save on booze

Remember, the cheapest bottle doesn't always mean the best value for money.

Yes, there are ways to cut your alcohol bill without giving up the grog entirely.

Recipe: Nadia's Mee Goreng

Nadia Lim's Chicken & Vegetable Mee Goreng.

This Indonesian favourite is a tasty way to ensure your family get a healthy serving of both protein and vegetables.

How to become a 'reducetarian'

Reduce your meat intake and tackle climate change at the same time.

Kiwis eat a whopping 106.4 kilograms of meat each per year and we could learn a lot from reducetarianism.

Staff reveal worst ever diners

A dirty nappy and a mean message in gravy - staff spill their horror stories.

A dirty nappy and a mean message in gravy - staff spill their horror stories.

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Rice is nice - savoury or sweet

Black rice salad with avocado, grapes and almonds.

5:00 AM  Follow the example of more than half the world's population, and tuck into some rice.

Spruce up the kids' lunches

5:00 AM  Busy mums don't have as much time as we'd like, but here are a couple of easy lunchbox fillers that will keep your children happy and satisfied.

How to make dull porridge awesome

Recipe: How to poach an egg video

readers' recipes

Recipe: the easiest, edible gift

STOCKING STUFFERS: Or tummy stuffers, for that matter.

Even my allergic-to-the-kitchen husband could knock these feative treats out.

Recipe: Feel-good stir fry

This yummy, veggie stir fry from Kat Guise is a quick meal that won't hit you too hard in the pocket.

MMM ... MUFFINS: These muffins can be served with cream or yogurt. .

Fruity gluten-free muffins recipe

Yummy home-baked muffins? These gluten-free, grain-free, low sugar muffins are just the thing.


Tom the legend and the wine

Church Road TOM Chardonnay 2014.

5:00 AM  Tom was a man and is now a wine, the latter having been named after the former.

Seven year beer itch

This month I'm celebrating seven years writing about beer. So far it's been a good relationship – no seven year itch. Me and beer are still going strong.

Broccoli tea for two.

Who fancies a broccoli cuppa?

Broccoli is not the nicest tasting or cheapest vege, but there's no denying it's really good for you ... but tea?

food news

Bangalore Polo Club to reopen in Wellington

New Zealand vs France wine tasting and tapas at Zibibbo.

5:00 AM  The Bangalore Polo Club launches a new Mediterranean concept.

Cuisine: driving the conversation

Is NZ food really worthy of international acclaim?

Sweetree Honey keeps Stephanie Lynch busy. "I'm doing all sides here, not just finance, and I love it – the production, ...

Stephanie Lynch's Waikato highlights

5:00 AM  Perhaps it's the lifestyle that gives Stephanie Lynch her calm and contented manner, her air of fulfilment.

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