No-one is too good for fries

Food - everyone has to eat it and we should all love what we're eating. Abbie Napier has an ongoing love affair with all things delicious. Better to eat what you want and exercise than live a life sustained by kale chips and coconut milk. 

I am all for the finer things in life.

I support fancy dinners with nice wines and great service. You can never have too many cloth napkins or too many courses.

Fancy is good.

What is not good, is the alarming lack of fries in Christchurch. Apparently, fries are no longer cool.

The people, I am told, want fancy bar snacks and ''shared plates'', not boring old fries.

This is where "the people" and I must part ways.

There is nothing more satisfying (and more affordable) than a bowl of hot salty fries. They go with everything - wine, beer, cider . . . water.

Whether you're out with the lads, or gossiping with the ladies over a glass of wine, fries are the way to go.

They soak up what you shouldn't have drunk and cater to many or just a few.

Yes, they're a bit naughty, but let's face it, that glass of pinot gris isn't exactly slimming.

The manager of one Christchurch bar once told me his bar was ''too good for fries''.

This is madness.

No-one is too good for fries.

If he put them on his bar snacks menu, he said, he wouldn't sell anything else to hungry drinkers. Better to leave them off and sell the fancier, more expensive stuff instead.

You can't fault his logic really, but it does leave a sour taste in the mouth.

To cater to those set on a potato-based bar snack, some bars offer some kind of fancy replacement option - duck fat potatoes, patatas bravas (fried potatoes), crispy potato skins and so on.

None come close to proper fries.

In the hopes of sparking a return to the good old days, I have some suggestions for glamming up the French fry to make it worthy of a spot on every fancy bar snacks menu.

Step 1: If you must, cut your own fries.

Step 2: Cook them well. Soggy fries are not acceptable.

Step 3: Put fancy sauces with them. Pile loads of garlic into the aioli and make your own specialty tomato sauce. Try fries and gravy (drool).

Step 4: Season the fries generously, throw on some spices or herbs, if the mood takes you.

Step 5: Serve them in a fancy dish, with plenty of sauce - did I mention lots of sauce? - and plenty of napkins.

For those of you who love a good bowl of fries, here are some top places in Christchurch to get your fix:

1. Joe's Garage in Sumner. Fries with homemade gravy, or aioli and tomato sauce. You should get all three sauces, really.

2. Burgers and Beers Inc (Cranford St and Colombo St). Chips and gravy. These are thick-cut chips. Ask for them well-done and you get lots of delicious crunchy bits. Served with a rich gravy at the perfect consistency for dipping.

3. The Brewery (at The Tannery). Fries with tomato sauce, but I recommend ordering the Smoked Chilli Mayo for something a bit different.

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