Bittersweet Masterchef exit for Chris

MELTING MOMENT: Chris Turner has put his mousse failure behind him and plans to study patisserie at Cordon Bleu.
MELTING MOMENT: Chris Turner has put his mousse failure behind him and plans to study patisserie at Cordon Bleu.

The culinary future of Masterchef's Chris Turner hinges on a sought-after scholarship.

Turner became the sixth contestant eliminated from the cooking competition last night, with the judges labelling his chocolate mousse ''too bitter''.

His exit is by no means the end of his culinary dreams.

Turner has been accepted to study for a diplome de patisserie at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in Wellington.

However, Turner will not be embarking on the course this October if he does not get a scholarship to cover some of the $30,000 fee.

''It is one of the world's best schools, very hard to get into, you can't even get a student loan to study there,'' he said.

If he succeeds in his scholarship bid, Turner plans to open a ''weird and wonderful'' patisserie in Christchurch in the next few years.

In the mean time, he is temping for the Christchurch City Council in a business support role.

''This is a good time to leave Christchurch to begin studying,'' he said.

''I love Christchurch, and give it a couple of years for things to start moving again, there will be a lot of opportunities for new businesses.''

Away from the Masterchef house and the heat of the competition, Turner said the contestants had remained close friends.

Last night he watched his exit from the show at fellow contestant Chantelle O'Brien's Ashburton bar TweLve.

''We talk everyday, especially on Tuesdays when we try to remember what happened in the particular challenge,'' he said.

Turner's exit came after one of the shows toughest challenges.

Contestants had to cook a French banquet for 100 guests at Auckland bistro La Cigale, under executive chef Warwick Brown.

Charged with making the bitter chocolate mousse Turner found himself short of two servings.

''The problem was I made a certain number of mousse, 100 each side, actually I made 100 plus 3 and a half tastes,'' he said.

''I didn't realise we had to give the judges a serving each. I should have thought about that.

''I made sure I counted them. Even Warwick (Brown) counted them.''

Turner said there were no hard feelings on his exit.

''I didn't feel bad about leaving, there was no one who did not deserve to be there.''

The remaining contestants are: Andrea Bathgate (Auckland), Matt Gilray (Christchurch), Charlene McGechan (Rotorua), Dave McKinnon (Christchurch), Chantelle O'Brien (Ashburton), Tony Price (Auckland) Ana Schwarz (Waiheke), Zee Tana (Auckland), Brenton Thornton (Auckland), Chelsea Winter (Auckland).