McDonald's reveals burger tricks

02:59, Jun 20 2012
BIG CHEESE: McDonald's have revealed why their burgers don't look like this in real life.

Ever wondered why the burger you buy from a fast food joint never looks like the ones in the big ads?

McDonald's has now revealed why in a YouTube video that goes behind the scenes of a burger photo shoot in Canada.

While a burger bought in-store is made in about minute, the burger at a photoshoot is primped and fussed over for hours by a team of food stylists and photographers. The cheese is carefully blasted with a blowtorch to achieve the right level of melted-ness, the onion slices are positioned with surgical precision and the sauces applied with a syringe.

The image then goes through a retouching process to "finesse the product" - sesame seeds are repositioned on the top of the bun and any errant crumbs removed.

In the video McDonalds Canada director of marketing Hope Bagozzi says the photoshoot burger looks bigger than one bought in-store because the steam generated when a newly-made burger is put in its box makes it compress down.

Are you convinced by the video? What fast food bears the least resemblance to its advertising material?