What's really in your Kit kat? More Kit Kat, it turns out

Kit Kat: it has more Kit Kat inside it.

Kit Kat: it has more Kit Kat inside it.

Inside your Kit Kat hides a tasty secret - a "chocolayer" between the wafers.

But what that actually is has been a bit of a mystery - until now.

The BBC's Inside the Factory has delved into the process that goes into creating the enormous amounts of Kit Kats on shop shelves around the world.

Kit Kat bars are popular all over the world.

Kit Kat bars are popular all over the world.

They've revealed the process is not without its flaws, too.

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Some of the tasty treats have air bubbles, off-center wafers, and various other imperfections that make them unsuitable for sale.

Nestle could take those imperfect products and bin them, as many companies do with products that aren't up to scratch.

But rather than wasting the chocolate bars, Nestle recycles them.

Inside the Factory revealed the bars are ground up into a fine paste, which consumers know and love.

That fine paste is what is referred to as a "chocolayer", which ends up between the wafers inside the Kit Kat bars, and eventually in the stomachs of choc-loving consumers globally.

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It's a good way to make the most out of all the chocolate the company produces, to help it keep up with the massive demand for its products.

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