What's the difference between real and fake wasabi? video

Chris Skelton/FAIRFAX NZ

Journalist Thomas Heaton goes in search of real wasabi

Wasabi from the tube or freshly grated, there is a difference and you'll be able to tell. 

It turns out most of the country's sushi restaurants are serving a horseradish-laden alternative to the Japanese rhizome, and there's only one commercial supplier in the country. 

We went to top-rated Auckland restaurant Cocoro, who exclusively serve the real deal, to see whether we could actually tell the difference. 

Real wasabi rhizome and rhizome being grated.
Ewan Sargent

Real wasabi rhizome and rhizome being grated.

Given four different varieties to try, we took a blind taste test: from a tube, from wasabi powder, 100 per cent ground Coppersfolly wasabi and Cocoro's special mix of 90 per cent New Zealand and 10 per cent Japanese wasabi.

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