Avolatte - it's half avocado, half latte, all Millennial housing crisis zeitgeist

The Avolatte seamlessly blends Millennial stereotypes into a beverage.

The Avolatte seamlessly blends Millennial stereotypes into a beverage.

Millennials, rejoice: you no longer need to drain your nest egg on smashed avocado and overpriced lattes.

You can now combine the two, and save your leftover pennies - though likely still not afford a house - thanks to a creative cafe across the Tasman.

Days after a millionaire Australian real estate mogul suggested young people can't afford houses because they're buying too much avocado on toast - hot on the heels of a Kiwi economist blaming lattes for the same issue - Melbourne's Truman cafe has come up with a solution.


Combing two of Melbourne's obsessions - lattes and avo 😂

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Behold: the Avolatte.

Instead of splurging $18 on an avocado brunch and $5 on a latte, why not serve one inside the other - and save on dishes at the same time?

Consumer enthusiasm for the Avolatte has been mixed, with comments ranging from to "gross but I'm kinda into it" to "call the cops".

And while - unlike the pavlova - we're prepared to let Australia take the credit for the Avolatte, one crafty New Zealander has already come up with a Kiwi twist on the drink.

It's called the Teajoa.

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