'Non-typical' Kiwi blokes eliminated

Last updated 05:00 01/04/2014

ELIMINATED: Glynn Rudolph and James Culleton.

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Masterchef's Glynn Rudolf and James Culleton remain typically upbeat despite their elimination from the show.

The 36-year-old Wellington flatmates were refreshing to watch on the show with their lighthearted attitude towards the competition and the judges, but were finally undone by a mushy crayfish.

The story of how they came to apply for the show was almost as hilarious as their antics it.

"James was around at myself and my girlfriend's house one night, wailing at the TV about what each contestant was doing wrong, with a lot of bad language," Rudolph said.

"So we told him he should enter next time and kind of forgot about it.

"Then we all got home from the pub one night after way too many drinks and my girlfriend downloaded the application form from the website and recorded our drunken answers on it.

"We got a call the next day so whatever we said must've been good because I have no idea what was on that application form."

Culleton said it was almost accidental that they ended up on the show and he thought they would last only a few weeks.

"I didn't think we would last more than a week or two, especially when I met all those people who had been working so hard towards it."

But they made it all the way through to the top six, earning a trip to a sweltering Samoa.

"It was a little bit sweaty, we had to wring our underpants out at the end of each day," Rudolph said.

"It just made snuggling in the evening a little more comfortable I suppose."

They cracked in the heat as an old crayfish disintegrated in front of their eyes but it proved to be a bit of a relief for the pair.

"We'd probably do it entirely differently I'd imagine, but it was a good place to be eliminated to be honest," Rudolph said.

"We got the next day off, so everyone else had to film the MasterClass and we just sat by the pool getting p......"

The judges often described the pair as "typical Kiwi blokes", a label which Culleton said couldn't be further from the truth.

"It became a bit of a point of contention and I'm pretty sure the producers made them say that just to annoy us.

"We certainly don't see ourselves as typical Kiwi blokes, we barely even watch any rugby or anything."

Their backgrounds were anything but typical, Culleton said.

"We got to know each other through some of the very early days of the internet in New Zealand.

"It wasn't really chat rooms but a chat system which was sort of a bit of an underworld sort of thing.

"We'd have parties and half the people would be dressed up as goths and that kind of stuff - very, very non-typical Kiwi bloke sort of stuff."

Neither has plans to continue on in culinary careers, with Culleton (air traffic controller) and Rudolph (IT consultant) happy in their current jobs.

They built a strong camaraderie with their fellow cast members and regularly meet up with most of them to cook and have a few drinks.

Rudolph summed up the entire Masterchef experience perfectly.

"It was like a really heavy, epic meal you eat and at the end you sit there licking your lips, undoing our belt and exhaling deeply wondering what exactly you ate and why you ate so much." 

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