Echoes of Ali

Bumaye and Lord of The Atlas are two of 8 Wired's big barrel aged beers.

Growing up in the 1970s I was obsessed with a handful of athletes who dominated the era – Mark Spitz, Jack Nicklaus, Muhammad Ali.

Tips from NZ's newest sake guru video

Masu restaurant manager Fuminobu Nakatani is hoping to increase Kiwis' knowledge of sake.

Fuminobu Nakatani is now one of New Zealand's foremost experts - here are some pro tips.

Squeeze on juicer startup video

Juicero is an internet-connected device that transforms single-serving packets of chopped fruits and vegetables into a ...

Two investors in Silicon Valley gadget surprised to learn juice packs could be squeezed without using its machine.

Does caffeine cause dehydration?

Studies have found caffeinated drinks retain about as much fluid as water or sports drinks.

Fact or fallacy: Does drinking coffee really dehydrate us?

The beer essentials video

The magic ingredient: fresh hops on the vine. Hops needs plenty of sunshine over summer to create a successful harvest ...

Curious City: How craft beer gets from the ground to your glass.

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