Trendy, or just lazy?

Jam jar glasses might not be as cool as some people think.

1:18 PM  Beer, juice, milkshakes - it's cool to drink them from jars now. But it might be a bit lazy, too.

Beervana nirvana

15082015 Photo:Ross Giblin/FairfaxNZ
Beer writer Phil Cook at Beervana.

Beervana showcases better than any other festival how craft beer has well and truly moved on from faddism.

Will the Pink Church change colour?

Cambridge's Pink Church has been sold.

Good George Brewery is taking over the Pink Church in Cambridge, but will they keep its iconic colour?

'Best hangover cure ever created' video

Is this the most insane drink ever?

Loaded with pickles, a beef slider, a massive deep fried onion ring, a chicken wing, a polenta hush puppy and of course celery.

Bars slam police tactics

Publican Nick Mills, who owns Siglo, Bettys, Public and Spruce Goose says police are forcing a one-way door policy on ...

Bar owners accuse Wellington police of trying to change booze laws "by force".

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