How to pair spirits with food

Pairing cocktails with food can be particularly fun because cocktails can be tweaked to suit a dish.

Pick your poison, and we'll tell you what to eat with it.

Wellington's Ale University

Craft Beer College organisers Phil Cook and Stephanie Coutts

Wellington's Craft Beer College is holding a flavourful exam for beer connoisseurs in June.

Do you like pina coladas?

Maybe the pina colada has had its day, but we're still drinking it.

Forget the song - let's talk about the cocktail that just won't go away.

Top drop in South? Riesling

Mike Carmody harvesting riesling grapes at Greystone winery.

It might be time to put that Marlborough sauvignon blanc back on the shelf and try a Canterbury riesling.

Perfume genius

Hawthorn Lounge's Joy by Jean Patou.

A cocktail list is a complicated thing; it needs to balance accessibility to the customer with creativity and scope.

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