How to become a wine expert

Research has found wine novices have the same smelling and tasting abilities as experts.

Baffled by tannins and terroir? Teach yourself to become a pro in less than a day with these six quick tips.

Anzac beers in short supply

Pan Pacific from Garage Project is an Anzac biscuit beer.

OPINION: The lack of New Zealand beers to commemorate the Gallipoli anniversary is disappointing.

Are chia seeds the energy boost you need?

A soft gel forms around chia seeds when they are soaked in water.

What started as a seed-y elixir for athletes has blossomed into a popular natural energy drink.

Cirro started with export focus

David Tyney, left,  and Richard Green are the team behind Cirro Wines in Marlborough.

Named after the highest of all clouds, Cirro Wines had its beginnings in 2009, a time when things were far from rosy for the New Zealand wine industry.

19th century champers much like bubbly today

Underwater cache of champagne is shown in Aland, an archipelago in the Baltic.

175-year-old champagne is much like the modern version, study finds.

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