A semen-il pint: Wellington pub and brewer create beer laced with stag semen

Green Man duty manager Shannon Elvy was happy to give the beer, laced with "export-quality" deer semen, a go.

Green Man duty manager Shannon Elvy was happy to give the beer, laced with "export-quality" deer semen, a go.

Wellington has become synonymous with craft beer, but one new offering is packing an extra punch.

The Green Man pub on Victoria St is about to launch a stag semen "milked" stout, created by brewery Choice Bros and timed to celebrate the lead-up to Beervana.

With an added measure of "export-quality" deer semen, the secret ingredient may induce gag reflexes in some but pub co-owner Steve Drummond was confident in the brew's success.

"We sort of like, looked at the whole craft beer scene and thought what could we do that's a bit outrageous, a bit Green Man."

The virile beverage is not the pub's first foray into exotic offerings.

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Elvy tries the Choice Bros brewers' stag semen "milked" stout. Photo: Kevin Stent/Fairfax NZ


In 2011 its apple-infused horse semen shots proved popular with women, while 2013 saw syringes of stag semen on offer.

That year it was Hannibal, a 7-year-old Geraldine sire stag with "impeccable DNA", that provided the goods.

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What's on the menu? Stag semen

This year compatriot Lagoon has stepped up, providing his considerable reservoir for the beer's benefit.

"It's export-quality semen, we only deal with the best," said Drummond.

The beer will be served on handpump rather than force carbonated like most, which will deliver an extra smooth and creamy texture.

"There's only one way to serve semen stout and that's handpulling it."

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Katie Beswick enjoys a glass of the "outrageous" beer. Photo: Kevin Stent/Fairfax NZ

Choice Bros brewer Kerry Gray said when they were approached by Drummond to create the beer, they were initially a little apprehensive.

"I think he'd heard we'd done some interesting beers in the past. We ummed and ahhhed, it could be good press or it could be bad press, but we thought why not."

Despite its gag-factor, the beer is far from the strangest Choice Bros have brewed, with one of their latest creations, "Roast Lamb & Mint", made using potatoes, carrots, peas, kumara and lamb reduction.

"I don't think it's the craziest say compared to the chianti, liver and blood sausage beer, but it's all perception," Gray said.

"The first tasting we had a couple of brewers around and we were passing it around... everyone was apprehensive but we decided we didn't really have any reason to be."

He encouraged people to try the beer, which had a big chocolate and roasty character as well as a creamy texture from added lactose - rather than the special ingredient.

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