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Lori's got the perfect pour

Auckland bartender Lori Wallace has taken second place in an international beer pouring competition.

She's only 21 but Lori Wallace has proved she's got the perfect pour at an international competition.

Hamilton's 'real coffee' makes a comeback

Phil Hows makes a cup of Joe from his restored espresso machine

The taste of Hamilton's first real coffee makes a return in Pirongia

The brewery with a can-do attitude

Fuller's pubs are loved by British beer fans.

It will soon be easier for Kiwis to get their hands on some of Britain's best beer.

How sugary is your cocktail?

A few cocktails can have the same amount of sugar as a packet of Tim Tams.

A mojito here, a margarita there, and suddenly your daily intake has been sent into orbit.

Chance to bottle success

Mike's Brewery owner Ron Trigg, left, and home brewer Warwick Foy sample his latest batch of beer.

Winners of a home brew competition next month could find themselves selling their beer to friends.

The grape that unites us

New Zealand's remarkable rate of progress with pinot noir and the close ties our pinot community has developed with Burgundy, the grape's birthplace, are not separate phenomena.

The close ties NZ's pinot community has with Burgundy, the grape's birthplace, are vital.

Hot toddy time

A mug of goodness, with whisky.

Winter is here - so it's time for medicinal whisky.

A trio of tripels

Trappist monks pioneered the famous Belgian tripel style. Here Father Armand Veilleux looks into a brew kettle at the Chimay brewery in Scroumont, southern Belgium.

A symbolic beer gets its big reveal.

Alcohol: all the energy and no nutrition

On hot days it's hard to beat a tart apple cider.

Which has more energy? Monteith’s apple cider, Old Mout Boysencider, a Tui, red wine and Fuse Ice, a ready to drink (RTD).

Pack a punch

Punch doesn't have to be a sickly path to a bad hangover.

Punch has suffered bad PR - but it's time for some redemption.

David Slack: New! Improved! Sort of!

Three-year-old Addison Ibell refuses to drink the new Milo, with its changed ingredients and malty flavour.

OPINION: Even before they get to work in the morning, even before the clock radio comes on, marketing people wonder to themselves: "what can I change today?" This always works out well, as you will know if you drink Milo. 

Wake up and smell the hops

Luke Nicholas of Epic is one of Australasia's leading brewers of modern, aromatically hopped pale ales.

Epic's new offering is the perfect gateway brew for the novice craft-beer drinker.

Good George Fieldays' official beer

Good George Brewery's managing director Darrel Hadley is prepared to have his beer poured as the official alcoholic beverage of the Fieldays.

Good George's brews will be pouring from the taps at Fieldays.

Riedel: a glass act

Central Otago Winegrowers Association spokesperson Rudi Bauer with the "perfect" glass to enjoy Central Otago Pinot Noir made by world-leading glassware company Riedel Crystal.

Leading wine-glass producer Riedel has made a Central Otago pinot noir-specific glass – and that's a big deal.

Blind Milo taste test video

New Milo v Old Milo - which one wins our taste test?

"Tastes like socks" - we ask Milo fans to test the new recipe and the old recipe. Here's the verdict.

The Milo trading begins video

Three year old Addison Ibell of Johnsonville won't drink her choccie milk anymore because of the change to Milo.

"Buy this bag knowing that very soon this 80 year old recipe of Milo will no longer exist."

Cappuccino falls to the flat white

All hail the flat white.

A Kiwi coffee is taking over the world, bumping the traditional cappuccino off the menus.

Three dogs' big night

ParrotDog owners, from left, Matt Stevens, Matt Warner and Matt Kristofski.

Wellington's ParrotDog brewery has gone from near-disastrous beginnings to big things in just four years.

NZ brewers clean up across the ditch

Wellington's ParrotDog nabbed the Champion Small International Brewery trophy at the Australian International Beer Awards at Melbourne's Good Beer Week.

Which Kiwi beers did us proud at this year's Good Beer Week in Melbourne?

Auckland vs Wellington beer battle video

Breweries such as Hallertau in Auckland are helping the city's beer scene grow.

OPINION: Wellington holds New Zealand's beer crown, but Auckland is hot on its heels.

Wine-snob rituals

True wine geeks will hold the glass by its foot, with or without the pinky extended.

The rituals are easy to ridicule as the basis of wine snobbery, yet they actually serve a role in enhancing the enjoyment of wine.

Why the worst time to drink coffee is the morning

While it's undoubtedly a warming and lovely ritual, your morning cup of Jo may be messing with your body's natural cortisol levels.

Drinking coffee shortly after waking up, as it turns out, is actually a bit counterproductive.

Giesen treads late harvest wine

Giesen Wines winemaker Hamish Kempthorne tries some dried grapes as staff tread the rest for their late harvest sauvignon blanc dessert wine.

A Marlborough winery is counting on the feet of their staff to again produce an award winning sweet wine.

The Negroni story

Negroni - the perfect, go-to ingredient

The bartender's go-to has an aristocratic history.

Cold brew coffee is hot right now

“It’s the drink of the Instagram generation. They still want coffee but they don’t want sugar, they don’t want milk and they want it to be as natural as possible.”

Is coffee brewed in cold water the next big thing?

Do organic wines taste better?

Trinity Hills Gimblett Gravels Syrah 2013 and Woollaston Sauvignon Blanc 2014.

A recent tasting of organic and conventional wines produced a clear winner...

ParrotDog toast Aussie beer win

ParrotDog brewery was awarded champion international brewery at the Australian Beer Awards. Celebrating from left, Elvin Els, Kit Mulligan, Wattie Watson, Matt Warner, Matt Stevens, Matt Kristofski and Andrew Muckle.

Wellington craft brewers ParrotDog expect strong growth after several Australian Beer Awards.

How to pair spirits with food

Pairing cocktails with food can be particularly fun because cocktails can be tweaked to suit a dish.

Pick your poison, and we'll tell you what to eat with it.

Wellington's Ale University

Craft Beer College organisers Phil Cook and Stephanie Coutts

Wellington's Craft Beer College is holding a flavourful exam for beer connoisseurs in June.

Do you like pina coladas?

Maybe the pina colada has had its day, but we're still drinking it.

Forget the song - let's talk about the cocktail that just won't go away.

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