What beer we'd serve Will & Kate


The five Kiwi brews we think the royals should take home with them.

On ancient wine culture

On ancient wine culture

Wine glorious wine: the excavation of a settlement from the Bronze Age has some stories to tell.

Vile-sounding 'martinis'


Can I interest you in a kale or foie gras martini?

Mugshot: Capsule coffee wars


Nespresso has fired a shot across the bows of the specialty coffee movement.

Raw milk not so beneficial?


A pilot study failed to show something many people believe - that drinking raw milk helps the lactose intolerant.

How hot should coffee be served?

'An extra-hot latte please'

So, how hot should our coffee be served?

Dairy, almond, soy or rice?


There are many on the market these days, so which milk is best for you?

CNN rates Wellington coffee among best

flight hangar

Wellington's coffee is rated among the best in the world.

The art of aperitivo


Italians aren't above criticism (Berlusconi, anyone?), but when it comes to drinking they lead a blameless existence.

What your coffee order says about you


Flat white? Solid. Cappuccino? You don't like coffee. Piccolo latte? You're a bit of a tool.

Zinzan converts memories into nice drop


Footy legend Zinzan Brooke has helped brew a beer with a UK-based brewery for this year's Six Nations.

Yeastie Boys get call-up from big UK brewer

yeastie boys

One of NZ's best craft beers is set to go global.

On ice cubes in wine


Is popping a few in to chill your Chardonnay all good or just a bit too bogan?

Drinking through the nose


What you taste is about far more than what's in the glass, a sensory expert claims.

Video: Hipsters ordering beer


Think craft beer fever has gone too far? Then you'll 'lol' at this.

Beer ... with whale in it


It's to be sipped while eating soured sheep testicles, but environmentalists aren't happy.

Five cheap NZ pinots to try

Drinking wine

The reds that are a summer wine ... and more on a worldwide wine crime.

10 best Christmas drinks


Looking for that special Christmas drop? Here are the top tipples if you fancy some champagne and port.

20 great wines for under $20


Have a grape-lover in the family? Well get them a gorgeous Christmas gift without breaking the bank

The filter strikes back


Filter brewing is a bit of a cult, and like all cults it has its fetish objects.

Eight Kiwi wines to try


These beautiful drops start from only $18 (and one, in an oddly delicious way, 'delivers a kick of kerosene').

Why you should 'juice'


We talk to the master of blending fruits on why and how we should imbibe liquid vitamins.

All about the crema

All about the crema

The clue to a coffee is in its crema - so what should you be looking for?

Why are some wines so expensive?


Why are some wines astronomically expensive compared to cheapies? We don't see that with craft beers ...

Meet the world's strongest beer


With an alcohol level of 67.5 per cent, this is one beer you don't want to knock back too quickly.

Wine reviews: NZ petit manseng


This little-known grape produces quality dry and sweet white wines ...

Are you drinking yourself fat?

Kate Middleton smoothie

Alcohol isn't the only demon drink; that smoothie is giving you the evil eye, too. Beware!

Your cuppa just got better


Coffee is good for you in so many ways - but you do need to mitigate the ways in which it can be bad.

What's the best way to open wine?


What's the best way to open a non-screw-cap bottle of wine? Wine knife or corkscrew? What kind?

What your coffee says about you

. You drive something black and German or red and Italian, or one of each. You recently traded BlackBerry for Android.

You are what you drink - so are you a siphon man or a capsule sister?

Why I hate sommeliers


OPINION: Nothing makes me feel like more of an idiot than a conversation with a 'wine waiter'.

Canned beer? Yes, craft brewers can too

Garage Project

What does trendy brand Garage Project have in common with many of America's largest craft brewers?

Recipe: DIY green smoothie

green smoothie

Supermodels swear by them, office drones queue for them - here's how to make a green smoothie.

The trick to getting served at a bar


What's the trick to catching a bartender's attention? Clicking your fingers? Researchers think they have the key.

London's 10 best pubs

London Pub Strap

Drinking and eating at a pub is a British pastime, here's 10 of the best in London.

When cider isn't really cider at all


OPINION: Real cider is 'an alcoholic drink made from fermented apple juice' - some imitators are just pricey RTDs.

Michelle Obama pumps up on water

Michelle Obama

Some of Michelle Obama's claims about drinking water are being questioned.

A kick in the guts


Is one bad beer enough to make you sick? Sadly, the answer is yes, reckons Michael Donaldson.

Big, bad Yeastie Boys

yeastie boys

Wellington brewer Yeastie Boys is five years old and it's as big and bad as ever, reckons Michael Donaldson.

Who buys those expensive wines?


Some restaurant wine lists feature bottles so pricey you'd need a second mortgage to drink them. Who does?

Who ate all the pies?


Beer and pies do match - despite what Tui's latest billboard would have you believe.

Central Otago pinot noir wins award

Pinor Noir grapes.

A Central Otago pinot noir has taken top honours at this year's Romeo Bragato Wine Awards in Blenheim.

The secret to Coke's success - or is it?


Coca-Cola and other big brands claim their 'secret recipes' have been unchanged for decades. Why?

Putting on your beer glasses


How you drink is just as important as what you drink, writes Michael Donaldson.

Recipe: Banana-coconut smoothie

Banana-coconut smoothie.

This smoothie is more dessert than healthy snack but you can still have it for brekkie, unless you add white rum...

Is Moa heading for extinction?


OPINION: After making missteps, is publicly-listed craft brewer Moa headed for extinction?

Kiwi beer essentials


New Zealand's finest brews are touted in a new book, finding a place among the world's best.

They're drinking my beer here


Beer-loving Sarah Harvey jumps at the chance to craft her own brew.

Five rules for a beer festival


There are some special concoctions brewing for the capital's beer fest. Michael Donaldson explains.

The perfect match: Dinner parties

Dinner party

How to impress with the wine as well as the food at your next soirée.

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