Craft brewers tapping into Petone's hospitality 'vibe'

Baylands beer

Craft beer brewing has returned to the Hutt Valley, with Baylands ramping up production in Petone.

A beery political question

Beer and politics

In the lead up to the election we ask party leaders some very important questions about beer.

If you're asthmatic, wine may pose a risk

Red wine

A group of people, particularly asthmatics, are allergic to the 'preservatives' added to wine to prevent it turning into vinegar.

All you need to know about sake


From what it actually is, to the best way to drink it and more - everything you need to know about Janpan's national drop.

Dubai's latest luxury: Wine with 24-carat gold but no alcohol

Where else would you get $150 bottle of non-alcoholic wine with flecks of 24-carat gold leaf ?

Add bingeing believers to the list

wine generic

Beware the Believers who drink too much.

Panhead brews a ewe's milk beer

We team up with Panhead Custom Ales to make a beer that raises the baaaa.

Beervana lures more visitors from afar


Out-of-towners lured to Wellington for the Beervana festival have risen to about 43 per cent of participants, up from 35 per cent last year.

Dad's special brew wets more than baby's head

Dale Booth and Richard Emerson

Dale Booth brewed a raspberry beer for his baby girl. Now he's in the pink over a commercial contract.

Spritzy fruit-spangled succulent Sangria

Southland Times photo

Now you can pour this delicious mix of wine, fruit, a spritzer and sometimes spirits straight from the bottle.

Beervana: Food of the unicorns

Beer drinker at Beervana

OPINION: I'll say it straight: Despite not winning with our brew, Beervana was a real triumph.

It's beer, but not as you know it


Fancy a barrel-aged feijoa beer, a two-pot flat white or a salty seaweed ale?

A beery good time at Monteiths

beerhive monteiths

The Monteith's Brewing Company is about as West Coast as it gets.

Drink up, but watch for collateral damage


The very mention of fat (which is why I have suits of four different sizes in my wardrobe) always grabs my attention.

Pint of View: Taste, froth and flagons

Townshend's Old House ESB

It's time to reflect, pull out some memories and generally rule a line under this column.

Show Me Your Growler

Beer growler

The growler or squealer first began as a humble bucket or pail.

The drink that cocktail snobs love to hate

Vodka cocktail

It's time to stop shaming vodka drinkers as a bunch of flavour-dumb simpletons bleating for hard alcohol.

Women who are mad about beer

Vanessa Martin

Brewing beer has been a man's domain for decades, but women are surging back into the role.

Wellington bracing for international beer invasion

Beervana attracts international brew-masters


An outbreak of the alcoholic kind is making its way towards New Zealand and will hit our capital city in three' weeks time.

Giving tea a break from tradition

Dilmah mixologists

The time-honoured cuppa is making a new appearance in cocktails and canapes.

Almond milk: a new diet staple?

Almond milk

Fresh almond milk is fast becoming the non-dairy choice for coffee and health fiends.

Price v quality: a question of psychology


There is always an awkward moment when my wife and I go out to dinner at the homes of friends who don't share our interest in wine but are, nevertheless, partial to the odd drop out of a clean glass.

Good George brews blueberry beer

Good George

Waikato blueberries in Hamilton beer: it's an experimental brew.

Skinny wine a sign of the times


Damned if I know why people suddenly want to drink wines from which much of the "kick" has been removed.

Most of the world prefers instant coffee


It might seem coffee is getting more high end, but no, turns out we love it fast and cheap (especially in NZ).

The end of shiraz as we know it?


Could climate change mean the Australian wine industry needs to change its game, quickly?

Chardonnay back on table

wine generic

Despite its critics, it turns out we Kiwis love a chard'.

Wise Owl has eye for new markets

Southland Times photo

I'm no marketing expert but I have been around for long enough to figure that the biggest factor in selling wine today is the cost.

The story behind your coffee price

Flight Coffee

With debate raging about the price of coffee, Flight Coffee and Raglan Roast talk about what you get for your money.

Prosecco sales bubbling along in NZ, too

Wine label

Everywhere you look in the world wine press the message for bubbly lovers is the same: "Global prosecco sales overtake champagne".

Torrontes - like Eau de Cologne

wine generic

Like opening a bottle of Eau de Cologne - women love it.

Not another Fork & Brewer

fork and brewer

Wellington's "one of the greatest beer cities in the world", and another brewer has joined its ranks in Taranaki boy Kelly Ryan.

Top five cocktail-making tips


New Zealand's best bartender serves up his key ingredients for success.

Should you pour wine by its base?


When pouring wine, is it correct to hold a wine bottle by its base with your thumb in the indentation?

Butter in your coffee? It's a thing


It's the latest health fad spruiked by fans of the paleo diet. Yes, they're actually claiming it's a good thing.

Gout not the wine drinker's curse

Wine glasses

I have a sore hand. Gout. Which makes writing painful, but not impossible.

How you like that umami?

There's sweet, salt, sour and bitter. But there is also that fifth taste - umami.

These are dark days, indeed

dark beer

It's a common phrase down at the pub, the old "I don't like dark beers".

How to brew great coffee at home


Want a good home brew? Take your coffee out of the fridge and check the roasting date.

The fall and rise of chardonnay


Recently more has been written about chardonnay's comeback than just about any other subject concerning wine.

Caught on the hop


The idea that ladies should drink different beers from lads never caught on with me.

Brad Pitt: 'I'm a farmer now'


The actor spouts extreme pretension in talking about his role as a winemaker.

Care for a tipple of sherry?


If there was ever a moment for re-hoisting the sherry flag it's right now.

A pre-loaded idea


The idea that banning single bottles will stop people pre-loading is ridiculous.

Last of the fresh hoppy ale


Bines harvested, beer made, kegs running dry and bottles vanishing from the shelves. It's that time again.

Beervana contest tests creativity


OPINION: You've been brainstorming too long when making beer from Richie McCaw's underwear sounds fabulous.

What's your coffee really costing you?


The money is one thing - but how is your daily caffeine fix affecting your health and the environment.

Whisky: A beginner's guide


This guide to the ancient firewater will have you an expert in no time (and drinking the right drop for you).

The best ways to keep open wine fresh


Seeing the bottle half empty? A taste test of wine-saving options reveals the best way to see it half full.

Chili and beer - a perfect match?

hot chili

Apart from that mango lassi post-vindaloo, beer is almost always the best accompaniment to fiery food.

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