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Single malt or a blend?

IS ONE TYPE BETTER? Whisky beguiles spirits connoisseurs with its diversity of tastes and experiences.

It's the subject of much snobbery and name-calling among whisky drinkers. But is one truly better than the other?

Kiwi tequila captures local spirit

Terry Knight
has released
his TeKiwi
Blue Agave
tequila after
16 years
perfecting the
process .

Terry Knight can raise a toast to success after releasing a tequila he has painstakingly produced in Golden Bay.

The best coffee in Hamilton

Dave Tourelle on the machine at Scotts Epicurean.

Coffee aficionado Aimie Cronin shares her top five places to drink coffee.

New limits hit bars

DRINKER'S CHOICE: Aikmans, Merivale, has low alcohol beer on tap.

Canterbury pubs are losing out on after-work drinkers during their busy season because of caution over a lowered drink-driving limit.

Blogger's solution to sold-out milk video

Hoory Yeldizian's DIY chocolate milk

Missed out on the Lewis Road Creamery hype? This blogger reckons her recipe is even better.

Top Champagnes for under $100

FLUTE FAIL: Champagne producers say traditional flutes don't allow the wine to 'open up'.

The 10 best wines of Champagne that won't (entirely) blow your budget.

Coffee tastes worse in white mugs

WEE BIT BITTER: A recent study found white mugs was associated with a more "intense" tasting cup of coffee.

The secret to a better cup of morning joe might simply be choosing the right coloured coffee mug.

Three brews in one video

Wellingtonians love coffee.

A young Wellingtonian has transformed his love for coffee into a business idea he believes is a world first.

Tips to giving the best Christmas spirits

TOP TIPPLES: Get it right and leave a loved one in the right Christmas spirit.

There's nothing worse than receiving a bottle of liquor that you'd sooner pour down the drain than your throat.

Flutes fail the sniff test

FLUTE FAIL: Some experts say traditional flutes don't allow the wine to 'open up'.

Forget those fancy flutes - a good old wine glass may be your best bet for bubbles.

Luxury stays for campers

Forrest Wines owner Brigid Forrest says up-market campervan customers can enjoy a high-end camping experience at Forrest Wines.

Campervan customers who prefer a little luxury over wine casks and $2 noodles are being offered a unique camping experience in Marlborough.

Dom Perignon's 1998 vintage

Dom Perignon’s Richard Geoffroy connects Iceland’s glaciers and lava-spewing volcanoes with his new special bottling of the 1998 vintage, labeled P2, now entering the market.

Iceland's glaciers and lava-spewing volcanoes aren't what you think of when sipping luxury champagne, but there is a connection.

Raising the bar with new cocktail video

SHAKE-UP: Lorietta Bahr says she's proud to be representing Wellington's quality cocktail scene in a premier cocktail-making competition next month.

Charley Noble's Lorietta Bahr hopes popular South American drink will help her become NZ's cocktail-making champion.

Cold-brewed coffee ready video

The team at Ozone Coffee Roasters have created a new Cold Brew coffee, just in time for Summer.

An innovative cold-brewed coffee drink is hitting New Plymouth streets in time for summer.

Nelson defeated in beer taste-off

Craft beer

The capital has topped the top of the south to take out the first ever Craft Beer Taste-Off.

Bay wine named NZ's best

TOP DROP: Vidal Estate winemaker Hugh Crichton and owner George Fistonich win the wine of the show trophy at the New Zealand Wine Awards for the estate's 2013 Legacy Chardonnay.

A Hawke's Bay chardonnay has an appreciative audience among the Air New Zealand Wine Award judges.

Pinots to the fore at awards

James Rowan judges at the 2014 Air New Zealand Wine awards.

Marlborough pinots have again shone at the wine awards, proving there is a lot more to the region than sauvignon blanc.

Wine sales are coming up rose

SUMMER WINE: Supermarket sales show in the year to date, Kiwis purchased 861,607 bottles of still rose wine.

The pink drink has lost its reputation as lolly water and customers are buying it in record volumes.

Grounds for change gallery

Josh takes in the view over a coffee farm

Josh Emett takes a trip to Brazilian coffee farms to learn about the journey of the raw product to the cup.

Think before you drink

BARGAIN BIN:  It’s not about drinking less but slashing the cost of doing so.

While I heap scorn on Sky TV subscriptions and twice-daily coffee habits, I wouldn't dare push for teetotalling.

1600 wines up for awards

WINE AWARDS: Judge Sarah-Kate Dineen tries to sniff out a winner.

A medal-winner must look good, taste good and smell good - but it will still be spat out by its judges.

Choc milk fever hits Trade Me

The Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Chocolate Milk craze continues, with staff at the Outward Bound New Zealand Wellington office deciding to have a bit of fun by trying to make their own batch.

A Blenheim woman has has taken to Trade Me to sell the country's most sought-after dairy.

Wow, we really love this milk

THE GOOD STUFF? A Reddit user claims this 'counterfeit' bottle of Lewis Road Milk was sold to him somewhere in NZ.

In the ultimate proof of its popularity, Lewis Rd choc milk has spawned a 'black market'.

How Nespresso plans world domination


Aimie Cronin travelled to Sydney to meet the chief coffee brewer for Nespresso.

Your coffee habit's shaped by your genes


Whether coffee makes a person anxious or helps boost their memory may come down to their DNA.

Wild sour tarts


A new wave of sour beer takes us back to the past.

Wine industry lightens up


There is nothing wrong with a little bit of gimmickry, even in the wine industry.

Are you a pink lady or a JD bloke?


If anything defines outdated gender stereotypes, it's cocktails - where pina coladas and whisky sours collide.

Beer up high


You can't beat Wellington on a good day.

Digging to the real dirt on winespeak


Want to fool dinner party guests into thinking you're a proper connoisseur? Then get to grips with these buzzwords.

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