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NZ wines lapped up in UK

New Zealand winemakers receive better prices than most exporters into the United Kingdom.

New Zealand wines earn more more bottle than any other except French

Coffee makes you live longer

Good news for coffee lovers - your daily cup (or five) could be extending your life span.

New research from Harvard says your daily cup of java - even the decaf stuff - is promoting longevity.

Hawke's Bay deserves greatness

Elephant Hill Reserve Chardonnay 2013.

What doesn't the Hawke's Bay wine region have going for it?

Winemakers benefit from super soils

Pyramid Valley vineyard, North Canterbury, showing the four discrete grape-growing plots set among the arid landscape.

Scientists are helping winemakers understand their soils in order to tell their stories.

Champagnes worth the splurge video

Cuisine champagne over $100

Blow the budget with Cuisine's guide to the best bubbles over $100.

Wine in a can... for men

Wait, does this mean they think dogs are for men, too?

Have you ever wanted a glass of wine, but worried it might just be too ladylike? Well now there's a "solution".

Hop growing on rise

Ron Beatson, science group leader premium crops at Plant & Food Research has spent more than thirty years developing specialty hops.

A new micro-brewery opens in the US every 16 hours. Some of them will be using NZ hops.

The drinking buddy that delivers

Yvonne Lorkin (left) and Debbie Sutton, co-founders of bespoke delivery service WineFriend.

Roast chicken or steamed fish? What your go-to dinner says about your taste in wine.

International beer days, meh

Beer thumb

OPINION: It seems every type of beer has its own celebration.

No need to be sour for homebrew hero

Oliver Drake took out the champion beer award at this year's National Homebrew Competition.

The winner of this year's National Homebrew Competition is an absolute knockout.

Hot chip obsession forces fryer purchase

Hot chips, a New Zealand obsession?

Kiwis' obsession with hot chips forces a cafe to reluctantly offer the deep fried fast food.

Know your limit? Really? video

Many people out drinking are unaware that glasses of wine considered standard in bars are not "standard drinks".

A standard glass of wine served in a standard bar is anything but a standard drink.

Frothy fashion keeps foaming

Jos Ruffell, Pete Gillespie, and Ian Gillespie of 
Garage Project, which has grown 664 per cent in three years.

Where to and what now for the beer industry?

Wine scholarship about growing relationships

Wine scholarship winner Emma Clark says she is looking forward to her time in Marlborough.

A wine professional from the United Kingdom has arrived in Marlborough on a scholarship that aims to bring the two industries closer.

Bottoms up for Pilsner Day video

Pilsner Urquell ambassador Dave Holan with a freshly poured pint of the world's oldest pilsner.

Pilsner Urquell is set to launch International Pilsner Day in New Zealand.

Inside Bond's world of booze

'You know, that's not half bad'. Bond enjoys the Vesper martini in Casino Royale.

Britain's favourite spy is back - and he's mixing it up on the cocktail front.

Marlborough wines have golden touch

Air New Zealand Wine Awards chair of judges Michael Brajkovich.

Marlborough wines have put in a strong showing at the 40th annual Air New Zealand Wine Awards, taking out almost half the gold medals.

Riddle me this...

So many questions arise from one little glass.

From semillon to swirling, here are a few wine conundrums I'd like solved.

Best champagne under $100

Champagne Collet vineyard

Get ready for the silly season with Cuisine's top bubbly picks.

Beer: drink to your health

Beer drinkers rejoice. Within certain parameters, beer can be good for you.

Beer drinkers rejoice. Within certain parameters, beer can be good for you.

Sugar-free cocktail

Cucumber Gin.

Lesson one in making a sugar-free cocktail - don't use substitutes.

Breweries to battle on football field

Craft beer lover Kevin Downie has organised a football match between the Invercargill Brewery and Wellington craft brewers Garage Project in Wellington.

A group of Invercargill craft beer lovers are taking to the football pitch to represent their local brewery.

How to taste like a beer judge

Aroma is the most volatile sensory characteristic, and can quickly dissipate.

If you've ever wondered how beers are assessed, here's an insight into the process.

Best spots to watch the Melbourne Cup

Best-dressed Auckland dietician Charlotte Moor will set the fashion scene alight at the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

If you haven't been able to make it to Aussie for the races, here are the best local spots to get amongst it.

Cheers to trio of awards for brewery

King Country Brewing Co beer maker Barry Whiteley, left, toasts the company's new brewery with shareholders Willie Berkers and Curly McErlich at the new brewery in Waitomo.

A boutique brewer is bubbling over with pride after winning a trio of top awards.

Oh Brother -- welcome to the family

Joseph Wood of Liberty Brewing won 13 medals from 13 entries at the recent Brewer Guild Awards.

It pays to not get stuck in your ways.

Kiwis like it sweet as

For decades now New Zealanders have lapped up a series of go-to drops offering little but dollops of sweetness.

Popular taste in wine in this country has long come down to our fondness for sweetness.

Rose for wine-lovers

Rose wines are perfectly suited to summer days.

Rosé wines are not just for sweet lunchtime fun, after all.

R18 iceblock hits bars and restaurants gallery video

Nice Blocks' Rosé wine based ice blocks are the next big summer treat.

An R18 iceblock has hit New Zealand bars and restaurants, pretty, pink, and spiked with rosé.

National awards for coffee roasters

IncaFe owners Joop Verbeek and Carmen Castro and marketing manager Ross Bennet have won six national coffee awards.

Local coffee roasters IncaFe have won a number of national coffee awards.

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