What's really in McDonald's fries video

WHAT'S REALLY INSIDE: Potatoes, plus 14 other ingredients.

French fries in the US may contain a whopping number of ingredients, but we in NZ have just three.

Festival promises tasty seafood treats


Around 30,000 fresh oysters will be devoured on Auckland’s waterfront this weekend at the annual Seafood Festival.

Is this the weirdest cake ever made?

ONE TASTY WATER BALLOON: The jelly-like rice cake, mizu shingen mochi.

It's see-through, has the texture of a water balloon and disappears if you don't eat it in 30 minutes. What kind of sorcery is this?

Pleasure and pain: why some like it hot

CHILLI LOVERS: Eating hot peppers involves the pleasure/pain principle.

For many people, eating spicy, hot stuff creates a kind of masochistic thrill.

Tie-up paying dividends

Retail shareholders are unimpressed: "You don't sell your house when the market is down," one said after the meeting.

Relationship between a Palmerston North research centre and major food manufacturer to pay dividends.

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