Marmalade gold

GOLDEN: Wairarapa couple Sally Duckworth and Alisdair Ross have just won two gold medals at the World Marmalade Awards in the UK with their grapefruit and kumquat marmalades.

Couple's marmalades win gold at The World’s Original Marmalade Awards and Festival.

$17k sundae shatters record video

RECORD SCOOPED: Cousins Manaia, Anahera and Reipai Falwasser celebrate after helping dish up record-breaking icecream.

Hundreds help to dish up a record-breaking 596-metre-long icecream - and get to tuck in afterwards.

When should staples be binned?

CAN GET STICKY: Though you won't become ill from eating old pasta, it should be eaten within the year.

From pasta to flour, here are nine pantry essentials and when you should get rid of them.

KFC launches edible coffee cup

THE SCOFF-EE CUP: KFC's biscuit and white chocolate creation is set to be trialled in the UK later this year.

Biscuit lined with white chocolate and laced with the smell of freshly cut grass ... Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas any more.

When not to eat food off the floor

FIVE SECOND RULE: Foods high in sugar and salt are safer to eat after being dropped on the floor.

The five second rule may not be a complete myth, but here’s four times you definitely shouldn't eat that dropped bit of toast.

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