Perfecting the summer salad

SIMPLE AND SEASONAL: Pomegranate, feta and nut salad.

Salads can be intimidating because of the number of choices. Here's how to make a great summer salad.

Cracking good curd

Two chickens are behind a product designed to give tourists "a taste of Hamilton Gardens".

This isn't what you think it is video

SWEET ACCOLADE: Sandy Tucker of Kaukapakapa was one of 31 cakemakers to be chosen to mark the release of the final Hobbit movie with a cake from a Peter Jackson film.

Ooh, is that an alien from District 9? Indeed. But it's crafted from choc and rice crispies.

Akld eateries pass hygiene tests


Almost 98% of Auckland eateries practise good food hygiene, the council has found.

McDonald's running out of fries

RUNNING OUT: The shortage means customers in Japan will be able to buy only small packs of fries.

There's no super-sizing here - McDonald's in Japan is starting to ration its french fries.

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