Top five trends at The Food Show

This year it's all about juicing, blending and eating natural fats: The Food Show is coming to Auckland this weekend, and is bringing with it the foodie trends that have the big name chefs buzzing. 

Attendees can expect to indulge in a lot of free samples, tastings and specials on products. There will be a cooking theatre with celebrity chefs like Ray McVinnie, Peter Gordon, Julie Le Clerc, Chelsea Winter and Nadia Lim putting on a show. 

Chefs and companies will be touting specialist recipes like avocado hummus, banana and pistachio cigars and gravlax crepe rolls, all of which are available on the show's website. 

Chief executive Dona White said the show began 14 years ago as a small boutique event but that visitors had gradually ballooned to the 33,000-odd who attend every year.  

''It is a hobby that transcends them all...we all like to cook, we can all bake, we don't have to be a millionaire.''

The annual event is on at the ASB showgrounds in Auckland from tomorrow (a more expensive preview day) until Sunday.

A key focus this year according to White was consumers' demand for the authentic culinary experience, where ingredients were sourced naturally.

''People are wanting an authentic experience with their food, they're wanting to know about the ingredients, where it was made, how it was farmed and recipes on how to cook with it.''

An example of clean, organic eating was moving back to natural fats in cooking. ''We're not being so afraid of fat anymore, we are saying let's not have the fake stuff anymore.  The hottest trend I think right now is the rise of this authentic eating, clean eating and the paleo diet.''

White said this would be a major calender event for foodies in Auckland. ''We have dairy products, yoghurts and cheeses, chocolate, coffee, tea, lots of different meat options, lamb and beef and culinary equipment: mixers and blenders and juicers. In terms of culinary equipment, blending and juicing is really hot right now.'' 

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