Oh la la - eclairs are magnifique!

23:36, Aug 20 2014
Bake Club week 4
Lucy's espresso eclairs
Bake Club week 4
Lisa's pistachio eclairs
Bake Club week 4
Siobhan's banoffee beasts
Bake Club week 4
Jule's Nutella praline puffs with hazelnut brittle
Bake Club week 4
Katie's salted caramel cream eclairs

For the last time we, the Cheap Tarts, have given our all and baked our hearts out. Or rather made eclairs, those nifty, creamy French desserts that seem so straight forward - and still are quite tricky to get right.

The four weeks of the Wellington on a Plate Bake Club, and the four challenges went by so fast. But I am sure we all learned something, tried something new and most importantly we fed our co-workers four excellent morning teas.

We already know who took out the Cheap Tarts crown (voted by our fellow workers) and will carry on to the Wellington wide bake off on Sunday - but for one last time we will let you decide which recipe you want to see published here.

Lucy Corry: Espresso eclairs

A silky coffee and cream-laced custard filling, a crisp, choux shell and a layer of glossy chocolate icing topped with walnut praline make these the most luxurious morning tea ever.
Wellington ingredients: Wairarapa Free-Range Eggs, Wellington tap water, Whittaker's chocolate, L'Affare coffee, Zany Zeus cream.

Lisa Rapley: Pistachio eclairs


With an incredibly nutty flavour, these eclairs are a nice break from a sugar-coma inducing sweetness. The light, yet slightly crunchy choux pastry encases a whipped pistachio cream centre. The fingers are coated with a dark chocolate ganache and topped with salted, chopped pistachios, creating a slight sweet and salty experience.
Wellington ingredients: Henergy cage-free eggs, Hansell's vanilla essence, Whittaker's chocolate

Siobhan Downes: Banoffee Beasts
Sacre bleu! This fusion of English and French desserts uses a light, airy choux pastry as the vehicle for shovelling cream, banana, caramel and chocolate flakes into your mouth. These beasts might not be pretty, but they are pretty delicious.
Wellington ingredients: Henergy Cage-free Eggs, Hansells Vanilla Essence

Jule Scherer: Nutella praline puffs with hazelnut brittle

Let's be honest: Who doesn't like Nutella? Right. Nobody doesn't like Nutella. My eclairs, which turned out to be in a puff-y shape rather than the traditional finger, are filled with a hazelnutty-nutella cream with a hint of peanut butter and some rum in a soft choux pastry. They're topped with a layer of  Whittaker's' milk chocolate, a drizzle of dulce de leche and a good heap of homemade hazelnut brittle.Wellington ingredients: Henergy Cage-free Eggs, Zany Zeus cream, Whittaker's milk chocolate.

Katie Kenny: Salted caramel cream eclairs

I'd never made eclairs before, but heard they were difficult... so I kept it simple. Light, flaky choux pastry, whipped cream with a dash of vanilla, and rather than the traditional chocolate topping, I went for flavour of moment: salted caramel. In the end, the most complex part of this recipe was getting the caramel juuuust right. Smooth, soft, but holding its shape. Add a sprinkle of salt, and you'll never go back to chocolate again!Wellington ingredients: Local free-range eggs, Hansell's vanilla essence