What really goes into McDonald's french fries video

WHAT'S REALLY INSIDE: Potatoes, plus 14 other ingredients.

WHAT'S REALLY INSIDE: Potatoes, plus 14 other ingredients.

Good news for local McDonald's fans - New Zealand french fries are made without all the extra ingredients added to their American counterparts.

A new video of Mythbusters co-host Grant Imahara going behind the scenes at the fast-food chain's factory in the United States has proved that the fries really do come from actual potatoes, but also shows what is added to them.

Fries in the US come with a host of added ingredients, including a range of oils, "natural beef flavour", TBHQ - a preservative derived from hydroquinone, hydrolysed wheat and flour, and, of course, salt.

But their potatoey Kiwi counterparts differ "quite dramatically," McDonald's NZ communications manager Kim Bartlett said.

Fries here contain just potato, and the sunflower and canola oil blend they are cooked in.

The thin little chips also have a very small quantity (0.02 per cent) of dextrose, which gives each fry its uniform golden colour.

Bartlett said McDonald's New Zealand had its own supply chain for french fries, and dispelled myths about its food on its "Our Food, Your Questions" website

And for the record, their nuggets are made from chicken breast - not pink goop as some suspected.

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An earlier version of this story did not make it clear that these ingredients applied to US-only McDonald's products.

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