Lolly fans are not impressed as Pascall changes Milk Bottles recipe

Pascall has taken the milk out of their Milk Bottles - and customers aren't very happy.

Pascall has taken the milk out of their Milk Bottles - and customers aren't very happy.

Prepare for another Creme Eggs furore - because Milk Bottle lollies have a new taste, and no-one seems to like it.

Rather ironically, given the name of the product, Pascall have changed the recipe to milk-free ingredients.

"As milk is an allergen, and Pascall Milk Bottles were the only product in our Jelly Candy factory which used this ingredient, we took the decision to remove the allergen from the factory in order to be in line with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)," the brand said in a statement last October.

Hi Pascall fans! We wanted to let you know in advance that we’re changing Milk Bottles to a dairy-free recipe, which...

Posted by Pascall New Zealand on Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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The recipe in Party Packs changed to the new formula late last year, while the previous recipe was only ditched from 180g family bags in the last few months.

"While it is unfortunate that we will need to change the formulation, the need for food safety is paramount in our business," Pascall said.

please bring back the old formula milk bottles that were milky and chewy, the new ones taste foamy and budget ... no point of difference between yours and competitors now. I won't be buying either. so sad!

Posted by Rebecca Burk on Saturday, April 4, 2015

"Even if a little different we think they are definitely still tasty!"

However as the new recipe has rolled out around the country, unsatisfied customers have taken to social media and message boards to complain about the change.

"They are no longer chewy like they used to be, and they taste disgusting - very perfumey," wrote one disgruntled shopper on a Trade Me message board on Wednesday.

Just did my fortnightly supermarket shop and my treat this time was some milk bottles. I couldn't wait to tuck in. How...

Posted by Kirstin Humphrey on Monday, March 30, 2015

"OMG I literally just had some 2 minutes ago! YUK what has happened to them!" replied one customer.

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If you've got a packet in your pantry and are not sure if it's the old or new recipe, just check the ingredients list - the updated formula will not contain milk as an allergen.

Have you tried the new Milk Bottles recipe? If so, do you prefer the old or the new version?

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