Lewis Road Creamery and Whittaker's release chocolate butter

It's not like other chocolate spreads, it's literally butter and chocolate - delicious.

It's not like other chocolate spreads, it's literally butter and chocolate - delicious.

Lewis Road Creamery have paired up with Whittaker's in a bid to re-create the supermarket storm that hit when they released chocolate milk in 2014

The premium dairy company reckon it's the first of its kind in New Zealand, and potentially the world - a chocolate butter whipped with Whittaker's 72 per cent dark Ghana chocolate, available from today.  

They suggest subbing it anywhere you would normal butter - toast, pancakes, waffles and in cooking and baking.


Hoory Yeldizian says her DIY recipe is as rich, if not richer, than the hyped Lewis Road Creamery product.

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When the Kiwi companies first joined forces their chocolate milk caused a frenzy, selling out around the country, sending security to stand guard in some supermarkets. Bids were placed on Trade-Me, DIY attempts went viral and Lewis Road Creamery earned a nomination in a global competition for innovative food products.  

Since then they have released double caramel milk with Chelsea Winter, coffee, vanilla and most recently strawberry, but none have managed to create the same stir as the original collaboration, nor do they expect it to.  

"I think the chocolate milk frenzy of 2014 was probably a once in a lifetime event," said Lewis Road co-founder Peter Cullinane. 

"Back then we were a very small and young brand and we weren't quite prepared for the huge levels of demand for our chocolate milk."

"We're hopeful our chocolate butter will turn out to be an iconic NZ export."

The ​Healthy Food Guide Nutritionist Claire Turnbull says on first impressions it looks similar to Nutella.

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"The issue with a product like this is people's consumption of butter might go up because it is a novelty food and their fat and sugar intake will go up too.

"Food needs to be considered in context. A small amount of it enjoyed on a slice of wholegrain toast is OK, but if you are using it left, right and centre in baking or spooned over pancakes it's not so good.

"It is fat and sugar combined together into one product. No nutritionist is going to rave about that.

"People can get heavy handed with these types of products. Don't start eating it out of the container."

"The issue might be with serving size; are people going to use the 10g recommended serving?"

Cullinane is confident New Zealander's will see the indulgent spread as a "treat to be consumed in moderation".

"It will most appeal to those seeking an indulgent, real chocolate spread made from simple, quality ingredients – in this case New Zealand's best butter and best chocolate.

"And compared to other spreads, there's no palm oil and much less sugar." 

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