What's on the menu? Stag semen

Wild Food entry is the 'creme de la creme'

Last updated 05:00 03/07/2013
stag semen
WILD FOOD: Sarah Wood samples stag semen, one of the offerings at an upcoming event.

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First it was horse semen shots - now Wellington's Green Man pub has upped the ante offering daring diners a syringe of stag semen.

The gag-inducing liqueur and yoghurt concoction is the pub's entry in this year's Monteith's Wild Food Challenge, which runs this month and is sure to bring out the capital's more gregarious gourmands including Green Man function manager Sarah Wood who said she was "deered" in to trying the mixture which is on her "bucketlist".

"Curiosity got the better of me but it's not that bad - it's actually quite sweet."

Ms Wood reckons she deserves a pay rise after offering to test the buck's blend, sourced from Hannibal, a seven-year-old Geraldine sire stag with impeccable DNA.

"This is the creme de la creme, the Dom Pérignon of stag semen," Ms Wood said.

Pub co-owner Steve Drummond said Hannibal was selected as a donor because of his "very attractive and strong head, thick beam and huge coronets."

Reportedly Hannibal is happy, healthy, his semen is export quality and he "eats lots of greens, exercises regularly and appears to take pride in his work," Mr Drummond said.

The edgy emulsion adheres to food standards regulations and is stored cryogenetically in liquid nitrogen at minus-198 degrees Celsius until ready to mix.

The optional $15 shot contains around 4000 sperm and was designed to be swallowed with a dish of char-grilled venison denver leg over kumara and celeriac mash and crisp breaded kidney, then washed down with a malty porter.

Mr Drummond and co-owner Ciaran O'Kelly both tried the pub's apple-infused horse semen shots back in 2011 but have yet to try their new creation.

Both men insist they will swig a syringe on Friday night once more suitably lubricated with alcohol and egged on by crowds.

If stag semen was the sequel to horse semen the pair are going to have to come up with something even more "ballsy" next time to complete the trilogy, Mr Drummond said.

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