M-chef's Collette claims set up

16:00, Feb 17 2014
SACKED OVER SUGAR: "I'm not sure if it was a mistake on their part and then they just put that mistake onto us and thought all of that would make good TV," says kicked off contestant Collette.

Masterchef's Collette, 19, says her and her partner Sam, 29, were set up to fail, and that's why they were eliminated last night.

The former beauty queen was chastised by the judges during their final challenge for an off-looking lemon curd.

But Collette said a muck up with the sugar in the kitchen was to blame. 

"We had no difficulties whatsoever, they just provided me with the wrong sugar.

"That was pretty frustrating but you know it's a reality show at the end of the day so they got to do what they got to do."

The recipe did not specify what type of sugar was required and her work station had brown sugar only on it, Collette said.


"I'm not sure if it was a mistake on their part and then they just put that mistake onto us and thought all of that would make good TV.

"I was like 'I guess it's the sugar you gave me' and they're like 'no it's the white sugar'.

"So then I was like 'well where is the white sugar?' and they had to go into a room which we weren't allowed to go into to get it.

"They had white sugar, but just not accessible to us."

It lead to a brown-green lemon curd being produced, rather than the normal yellow.

In the show it looked like a stuff up by Sam and Collette.

Despite the incident leading to their elimination, Collette said they were happy with the Masterchef experience.

"It's OK, Sam and I are not too fussed over the whole thing, we were just there for the experience and it was a really good experience at that."

The duo also had a bit of a run in with judge Josh Emett in the final challenge.

"I think Josh just realised for the first time that I couldn't cook and he felt a bit betrayed," Collette said of her less-than-desirable culinary skills. 

Other challenges? Some of the quirks of the people in the house were hard to deal with at first but eventually became the source of humour, Collette said.

"The hardest thing would definitely have been the house environment and living with 20 other people as opposed to like five.

"The bathroom situation and people's different sleeping routines.

"People waking up at like 5am to hoick, or people's alarms going off in the middle of the night.

"When I was there no-one took any of that stuff seriously and kind of mocked each other about it and had lots of fun."

Since leaving the show Sam has developed a real passion and dedication towards cooking, Collette said.

"Now I get to eat better food so it worked out well."

Collette said she would not be furthering her culinary exploits but at least could cook a meal for herself now.