Arnie & a 78,000 calorie sandwich

00:04, Mar 07 2014

Canadian food series Epic Meal Time was inspired by Arnie. Their first web video was of creator Harley Morenstein eating a Wendy's hamburger with six beef patties and 18 bacon strips to The Terminator theme song. Then, since 2010, the lads have continually upped the game, cooking and eating extremely calorific and meaty food weekly and gaining millions of views every time they do so. 

Well, their latest video may be their greatest - cooking a 78,583 calorie steak and egg sandwich on Arnold Schwarzenegger's tank. As Morenstein says, "what more do you want internet?". See, while all those celebs with weak-biceps were messing around with selfies and gowns this week, Arnie's been up to some real business. 

We will admit, our hygiene-sensitive spidey senses did tingle when Arnie did a few tricep push ups over the sandwich.

But all is well when 66-year-old Arnie throws in some of his so-not-funny-they-go-full-circle-and-become-the-funniest-things-in-existence one liners: "First give me some coffee and then I'll beat your ass." The best one? "Remember when I said I didn't bring the buns? I lied." 

Can we also just acknowledge for a second that Arnie owns his own, name-branded M47 Patton tank? He's even weirder than we thought.