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We try Burger King's black burger


Its distinctive onyx-coloured buns and tarry black cheese have people talking. So what does it taste like?

Recipe: Ricotta gnocchi pasta bake


Like a warm Italian hug, this vegetarian ricotta and silverbeet dish is a family favourite.

Old-fashioned pleasure on a plate

Curried sausages

Beef or pork, fried or grilled. When I was a child that was pretty much it - give or take a bake or casserole.

These beer cans preview what's inside

beerj straap

There's nothing like cracking open a crisp, cold 7412 C at the end of the day.

A taste of Asia

Manbok Mart

Twenty years ago, if you lived in Hamilton and wanted to make an authentic Thai, Indian or Japanese meal, it would have been tough to find the ingredients. Today, it's easy.

Spring into garden preparation

Orzo salad

It's time to be planning for spring harvests of this year and years to come.

Recipe: Coconut crepe layer cake

My Kitchen Rules

Contestants from My Kitchen Rules NZ share what they hope will be a winning recipe from the show.

Recipe: Broadbean and orzo salad

Orzo salad

This takes 20 minutes to make and is a delicious way to enjoy the first choice beans of the season.

Choosing the right pan can make you a better cook


Get your equipment right and you'll be a better cook. Here's where to start.

Recipe: Salmon snacks for the gluten-free

Sometimes you just need a little something under your salmon. Here's how to make that happen, gluten-free.

What's the grossest thing you've eaten?


Whether intentional, a dare, or a barf-making accident: tell us the grossest thing you've eaten.

Chocolate lovers: this one's for you

Choc tart

Sweet dreams are made of this.

Brunch and its joyful history


Brunch has been making 'life brighter for Saturday night carousers' for over 100 years.

Excitement of the first egg of spring

First egg of spring

Nothing can explain the excitement of that first egg of the season.

Lamb shanks with garlic mash

Lamb shanks

As I write we are on day 27 of the most perfect spring weather in Queenstown's recorded history. It feels wrong to be submitting this slow cooked meal.

Recipe: New potato, sesame & salami salad


Potato salad is always a crowd favourite - this version looks stunning and is packed with flavour.

Food Truck chef's fast food tips


Having kids has inspired chef Michael Van de Elzen to conjure up some good old home cooking recipes.

Homemade sausage rolls a real treat

Southland Times photo

I can still remember the aroma wafting through the kitchen at Harvey Street every time mum made a batch of sausage rolls.

Craft brewers tapping into Petone's hospitality 'vibe'

Baylands beer

Craft beer brewing has returned to the Hutt Valley, with Baylands ramping up production in Petone.

A beery political question

Beer and politics

In the lead up to the election we ask party leaders some very important questions about beer.

If you're asthmatic, wine may pose a risk

Red wine

A group of people, particularly asthmatics, are allergic to the 'preservatives' added to wine to prevent it turning into vinegar.

Where to find Sydney's best pho

Food fads come and go, but these Vietnamese noodle soups are never out of fashion.

Microwave mug cakes put to the (taste) test

Mug cake

Is it really possible to bake yummy cakes in the office microwave? We put three variations to the test.

Food bag idea takes off

Fresh, local produce delivered to your door

	 Emma Sinclair

Emma Sinclair has brought a culinary idea from her native Sweden to the Waikato.

Is your healthy lifestyle failing on the weekend?


Before you know it, your week of eating well and exercising has become a distant memory.

Recipe: Corned beef hash

Corn beef hash

With all the busy-ness about at the moment this has been a favourite quick supper in our house.

Laura Faire: Spring's silver lining

spring strap

Spring is the perfect time to stop and smell the roses. And the corned beef.

No excuse not to cook cheap healthy eats

Cooking at home

There may be no such thing as a free lunch but there sure is a cheap and nutritious one.

Recipe: Chorizo and greens stew with gremolata

Megan Dobson and Kelly du Toit

Contestants from My Kitchen Rules NZ share what they hope will be a winning recipe from the show.

Love rules for Christchurch foodie cuties

Ricki-Mae Paisley and Jessie Smulders

Partners in food and life buoyed by public reaction to relationship on My Kitchen Rules.

All you need to know about sake


From what it actually is, to the best way to drink it and more - everything you need to know about Janpan's national drop.

A beer for every season

Townshend brewery

Good craft beer isn't always about clubbing you over the head with a sack of hops.

Dubai's latest luxury: Wine with 24-carat gold but no alcohol

Where else would you get $150 bottle of non-alcoholic wine with flecks of 24-carat gold leaf ?

The best way to store fresh herbs


What's the best way to prevent herbs from wilting? And more vexing food questions answered.

Family favourite with a tangy twist

Southland Times photo

A traditional lemon meringue pie recipe is just different enough with the inclusion of lime.

Your favourite family recipes


Do you have a recipe passed down through your family? Go on, share it with us.

Big cheese shares secrets

Juliet Harbutt

The first time Juliet Harbutt sampled top quality European cheese was a life-changing moment.

Black burgers to be launched at Burger King Japan

Black burger

Burger King's new black burger could be the perfect edible accessory for All Blacks fans - if it ever reaches these shores.

Take time to master risotto

Southland Times photo

Risotto ... a dish that seems to be feared by many a home cook. Fear no more! With a little care and attention, this versatile, healthy and delicious dish can become a household regular.

Penis-shaped gummies shock NZ lolly lovers


Nelson firm is dealing with a sticky situation after phallic sweets slipped into some of its lolly packs.

Add bingeing believers to the list

wine generic

Beware the Believers who drink too much.

Thriving hives help business grow


Happy Valley Honey wants to transform Drury into a food tourism destination with a focus on bees.

A touch of MKR heat

My Kitchen Rules 

Dubbed the 'Modern Day Hippies', Cambridge's My Kitchen Rules pair talk about the MKR experience.

Recipe: Paleo-friendly cowboy eggs


It's breakfast-for-dinner-time, paleo style. You can also cook this one outdoors when camping.

Norton's wine proving a hit with fans

TV star's tipple 'selling like hot cakes'

Ashburton Winz office

The first bottles of British talk show host Graham Norton's signature wine, made with Marlborough grapes, go on sale.

Celeb chef says invert the food pyramid

Pete Evans

Chef, TV star and now health coach Pete Evans sings the praises of the Paleo diet.

Food judge talks the perfect match

	 Kerry Tyack

Denise Irvine grills Monteith food judge Kerry Tyack about how he does his job.

Recipe: Silverbeet frittata

Laura Faire recipe

This is a simple and satisfying meal the children could help with, especially on Father's Day. 

Frittata an easy treat for kids to make

Laura Faire recipe

My 2-year-old thinks eggs come from the shops and milk from a bottle. Time to set her straight.

Not just a man in his shed


He's a private man that's become a "voice" for the beer industry. Meet Martin Townshend.

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