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Good times roll at Logan Brown

logan strap

New Orleans and the Mardi Gras come to Logan Brown in Wellington for two Saturdays.

Stop throwing away vege stalks and stems


This ingredient is nutritious, low-carb and tasty but you're probably throwing it away.

Winter magic from a tough customer

Red cabbage

You love it or hate it. If the latter, I bet you've only had it boiled - until the Moon sets over the cow shed - a crime that should be relegated to the Cooks Hall of Shame.

Drink up, but watch for collateral damage


The very mention of fat (which is why I have suits of four different sizes in my wardrobe) always grabs my attention.

Why don't Kiwis eat barracouta?

baracouta strap

Saffas relish them — so why do so many Kiwis turn up their noses at this native delicacy?

On food in the movies


We like watching what we're eating and filmmakers are definitely tapping into that desire.

GM artificial food may be 'staple diet'

Test tube burger

Steak grown in labs and engineered fish may become the staple in the future.

Waikato chefs take a bow in new book

	 Andrew and Julia Clarke

Denise Irvine dips into The Great New Zealand Cookbook, and finds some lovely Waikato contributions.

The pornification of food

nigella lawson

OPINION: Have we created a food culture because our love culture is so lacking?

Recipe: Drizzly orange cake

Orange drizzle cake

This is not a fairy-fluff cake. It is an old-fashioned, dense, tasty, rib-sticking pound cake.

Recipe: Pepper and sesame crusted salmon

salmon strap

Here's something nice and fresh to make and share with company.

Pint of View: Taste, froth and flagons

Townshend's Old House ESB

It's time to reflect, pull out some memories and generally rule a line under this column.

Kiwi coffee is up with the best

Nick Clark

We may have come to it late, but speciality coffee is fast becoming world class in New Zealand.

Ben Bayly's kitchen rules

	 Ben Bayly

It’s the middle of the day in downtown Auckland and Ben Bayly is at the door of his restaurant, The Grove.

Nicely stuffed: A masterclass in roasting a chook

Ruth Pretty

Fresh, corn-fed chickens will always roast better, giving plump, juicy meat and crisp skin.

Winning recipe: Goulash-pretzel pies


You'll be the star at every potluck with these little beauties that combine German and Kiwi baking traditions.

Wraps maker rapt at expo opportunity

Jovan Canak and Farrah Canak with their Farrah Wraps at the Foodstuffs Expo at Westpac Stadium.

More than 240 food, beverage and food service suppliers have spent the past two days waiting on potential customers at the country's largest food retail event.

Recipe: Peri peri chicken quinoa salad


Forget the stews and soups - it's time for salad. Here's a great quinoa option by MasterChef finalist Bec Stanley.

How to eat healthy: Borrow from Brazil

brazil strap

In all the noise about nutrition, it's easy to get bogged down in "my diet is better than your diet" arguments.

Win with Visa Wellington On a Plate

WOAP strap

The annual Visa Wellington On a Plate festival starts tomorrow (August 15) - and we want you to get a proper taste of it.

Bites for blokes

Wellington meat lovers get fired up


When Wellington On a Plate begins later this week, tables will be overflowing with dude food.

The new cronut looks like a penis


The latest creation from the man behind the donut-croissant hybrid has people talking again, but for very different reasons.

DIY pain: Chef's new kind of burns

Richard Till

Celebrity chef wants others to learn from his mistake after he suffered serious concrete burns.

Rich pickings for Kiwi wine exports

Wine glasses

New Zealand is the only "major grape-producing country" with a rise in volume and value of wine exports for the first quarter of the year.

The 'red badge' of cooking


The life of a cook is similar to the life of an athlete - we know, at some point, we're going to be injured.

Recipe: Comforting winter gratin


This potato, silverbeet and anchovy gratin is the perfect side on a chilly midweek evening.

Recipe: Gluten-free chocolatey goodness

Double chocolate coconut cookies with bitter chocolate ganache

Just because something is gluten free doesn't mean it can't taste sensational. Wendy Hay shows us how.

You can't always bake what you want


Pies, glorious pies were this week's challenge of the Wellington On A Plate Bake Club.

Plastic containers: How long is too long?


They're convenient and eco-friendly, but when should you throw out your trusty plastic food containers?

The 'Proper' way to make crisps

	 Proper factory

You'd never think that so much effort went into making a bag of crisps.

Recipe: Osso buco with winter herbs and sundried tomatoes

buco strap

How to make a osso buco with beef shin in a tomato base. | When kale doesn't help

Dairy-free, gluten-free smoothie


Smoothies are our favourite way to get all the goodness into our fussy eaters. And this one's dairy-free.

Laura Faire: When kale doesn't help

kale strap

A rich and warming meat dish - rather than virtuously healthy kale - is just the thing to ward off winter ills.

A food tour of South Australia

food tour

A gastronomic tour of Adelaide, The Barossa and Kangaroo Island has all the right ingredients.

Upper-crust dining with a twist

potato and rosemary pizza

Simple ingredients inspired by some New York street style are the magic in Ruth Pretty's Romanesque pizza.

Recipe: Rhubarb crumble cake


Behold the winning recipe from this week's Stuff Bake Club. It's so delicious we snuck two slices.

Recipe swap: great dairy-free food


Have you got a mouth-watering recipe for some dairy-free goodness? Share it with the rest of us.

Oh cute, a baby eat


After the third bite, Mark Chambers wondered what he was eating. Then things started to get crunchy.

Recipe: Karen Martini's pad Thai

pad thai

This is such a simple classic, but when it's good, it's just so delicious.

What's the grossest thing you've eaten?


Whether intentional, a dare, or a barf-making accident: tell us the grossest thing you've eaten.

Recipe: The ultimate hangover bolognese


Pasta, big thick indecent ribbons, with sauce clinging to its surfaces, is one of our greatest achievements.

Recipe: Gluten-free beef stew

Gluten-free beef stew

This is a beef stew that anyone can make, and should make. It freezes very well and is packed with nutrition.

McDonald's home delivery takes off in Australia


McDonald's home delivery is taking off across Australia and health experts are up in arms.

The drink that cocktail snobs love to hate

Vodka cocktail

It's time to stop shaming vodka drinkers as a bunch of flavour-dumb simpletons bleating for hard alcohol.

Recipe: Dairy-free vanilla berry cheesecake


An unexpected ingredient goes into this mouth-watering, dairy-free twist on a classic cheesecake.

Recipe: Carrot & haloumi fritters


Fritters are the perfect option for a light dinner or tasty lunch. These vege delights are gluten-free and full of flavour.

Free-range chefs break out for foraging

Gen Taylor

Wellington chefs are turning hunter-gatherer in their quest for unique ingredients.

The fishy origins of the fish oil craze

fish oil

Is it a cheap, effective way for people to protect their health? Or just a red herring?

Recipe: Dairy-free banana & coconut bread

If you feel like tucking into a totally tropical taste without leaving home, try this fruity dairy-free loaf.

You can't always bake what you want

Katie's Rhubarb

Today was a great day. We ate our veggies, but at the same time, we had cake too.

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