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Make the sushi chef happy

The wasabi you get in most Japanese restaurants is not actually wasabi.

Make your sushi chef happy; ask for real wasabi instead of that fake stuff;

The baroness of beer

Ava Wilson has her own craft beer label, is planning a wedding and has a 10-month-old baby.

Ava Wilson talks to Beck Eleven about brewing beer, falling in love over a tasting glass, and being a new mum in the alcohol industry.

Anyone for dog rose sandwiches?

DIG IN: Dog rose petails can be added to salads or sandwiches.

Forget the unappetising name - this tenacious plant is a nutrient-rich food for foragers.

Chocolatiers ride craft wave

EGGCITED: Wellington Chocolate Factory’s Rochelle Harrison shows off their Fairtrade feast.

You've heard of craft beer. The new thing is craft chocolate - and the industry is on the rise.

Avoiding Easter's bad eggs

Easter is one of the biggest trading times for chocolate.

We're spending up on chocolate but is anyone paying attention to ethical production?

Price of beer to rise

Overseas-owned breweries Lion, DB and Independent Breweries are all hiking beer prices by the end of April.

Lion, DB and Independent Breweries are all hiking their prices.

The best-ever hot cross buns gallery

Hot Cross Buns

These fruity, gently spiced buns are simple to make and will win you serious brownie points.

Wildfoods failure

Hayley Turner, 20, and Peter Whyte, 20, try some treats at the Udderly Wild Desserts stall at Hokitika's Wildfoods Festival.

The future of Hokitika's Wildfoods Festival is in doubt after it failed to break even this year.

What your hot drink reveals

RITUAL: Whether it's tea or coffee, your morning drink helps get the day off to the right start.

What does it mean to be Team Coffee or Team Tea?

Is teff the new superfood?

THE NEXT BIG SUPERFOOD? Teff is the smallest known grain in the world, tinier even than a poppy seed.

There's a new contender to add to the gluten-free mix: the smallest known grain in the world.

Pastry chef takes the cake video

Let them eat cake: Hippopotamus head chef Laurent Loudeac has enlisted the help of pastry chef David Cadoret to create a sumptuous opera cake for his wedding this weekend.

It's probably no surprise that classically trained French chef Laurent Loudeac is catering his own wedding but he's wisely left the hard part – the cake – to top pastry chef David Cadoret.

French-Turkish delight

Recipes From My French Kitchen, Allyson Gofton, Penguin, $45.

Turkey and France are the settings for two new cookbooks

'A bake-off on steroids'

Sugar and spice: Blokes' Bake Off contestants Mike Daish, left, and Feleki Uhrle, right, are hoping to impress judge and Otago rural police commander inspector Olaf Jensen.

Queenstown dads are rolling up their sleeves and preparing for battle at this weekend's Blokes' Bake-Off.

'Perfect' glass for Kiwi drop

Central Otago Winegrowers Association spokesperson Rudi Bauer with the "perfect" glass to enjoy Central Otago Pinot Noir.

A European glassware company has created the "perfect glass" to enjoy Central Otago Pinot Noir.

Rediscovering Ramen

Kazuya Yamauchi.

As we move into autumn, discover the joys of ramen at this Auckland newcomer.

Restaurant review: a taste of Italy in Wellington

Osteria’s lamb meatballs with broad beans

Wellington's Cicio Cacio provides a charming trip to Italy

Inside Cadbury's chocolate factory

CHOCKA BLOCK: Every chocolate product starts life in Bournville.

Believe it or not, the magic happens in a small town near the UK's Birmingham.

Never store coffee in the fridge

KEEP OUT OF THE FRIDGE: Coffee beans may look good out on display but they should be stored in a dark, airtight environment.

It's the subject of much debate but moisture from a fridge or freezercan turn the beans bad, experts say.

Are you a true beer lover?

A-GAME BEERS: 'You can really judge a brewer quite well by how they make a lower-strength beer,' says Phil Cook.

Think low alcohol means low flavour? Think again, says beer expert Phil Cook.

Pork piccata and pineapple slaw

TROPICAL TREAT:Pork piccata & pineapple slaw

Give your Wednesday a Hawaiian feel with this quick and easy recipe.

All about dried mushrooms

MAGIC: Dried mushrooms need to be rehydrated in hot liquid before use.

Shiitake, morels, porcini... these flavour enhancers are a great pantry staple, once you know how to use them.

A milestone for the mainstream

CONTRASTING PERSONALITIES: Mac's Three Wolves Pale Ale, left, and Mac's Green Beret IPA.

Two new Mac’s beers suggest times are a-changin’ at Lion - and are well worth checking out.

This Easter egg costs $66,000

WORLD'S MOST EXPENSIVE: The $66k chocolate bunny comes complete with two 1.7 carat diamonds for eyes.

It weighs five kilograms, comes in at a whopping 548,000 calories and has two 1.7 carat diamonds for eyes.

Barista makes NZ's best coffee

TOP BREW: Addison Dale, manager of Pure Cafe Co., is the winner of the New Zealand Barista Championships.

Customers at Christchurch's Pure Cafe Co. are on to a good thing with barista Addison Dale behind the counter.

Record crowd for beer fest

CHEERS: Sam Cleary of Wellington enjoys one of the 16 varieties of craft beer served up at MarchFest in Nelson on Saturday.

Nelson's annual craft beer and music festival MarchFest is making a habit of breaking attendance records.

Warm farro with roasted salad

Ancient grains plus vegetables equals a feel-good Monday dinner

Ancient grains plus vegetables, feta and almonds equals a feel-good - and meat-free - Monday dinner.

Why we turned to food cults

CUTTING BACK: Sarah Wilson's bestselling cookbook I Quit Sugar sold more than 96,000 copies last year

In a bygone era people used to go "on a diet". Now they have to belong to a movement.

Ten doughnut facts you didn't know

THE HOLE TRUTH: The hole exists so the doughnut cooks evenly, making it golden and crisp on the outside and fresh and fluffy within.

Whether you're a jam, cream or glazed fans, here's some tasty trivia to remember next time you bite into one.

Beer quest to soothe hangovers

DRINK DANGER?  Never likely to be a health drink, beer could be developed to at least lessen the hangover.

Australian researchers embark on the most noble of quests - developing a beer that allows you to drink more while minimising your hangover.

Nutritionists' fast food picks

MAKING HEALTHIER CHOICES: When it come to burgers and fries, not all fast food is created equal.

If Maccas is your only option and you want to stay healthy, what should you eat? These nutritionists' answers may surprise you.

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