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Crafting sweet treats from beans to bars

Wellington Chocolate

The Wellington Chocolate Factory is the new kid on the block.

Paleo? You should be eating bugs


If you're really going to follow a paleo diet, you ought to be eating bugs, 'lots and lots of bugs'.

Recipe: Hot cross bun pudding

Recipe: Hot cross bun pudding

If for some crazy reason you have leftover hot cross buns this Easter, here's what to do with them.

Recipe: Homemade Easter eggs


Ever wondered how to make marshmallow Easter eggs at home without any fancy kit? Here's how.

Your top five fridge faves


Every week we ask food heroes what's in theirs, and now we want to know what's in yours...

Six big food myths busted


Fructose is bad, coconut oil is good, potatoes are evil and sushi is a great lunch choice ... right?

Action taken over food outlets

tdn food strap

More than 80 complaints have led to action against Christchurch food premises.

Kiwis can't get enough of Easter treats

chocolate bunny

Longer lead-in to Easter sees shoppers devouring chocolate with a passion.

Recipe: Greek Easter bread


A plaited Easter bread that's so delicious you may be at risk of eating the whole loaf ...

What beer we'd serve Will & Kate


The five Kiwi brews we think the royals should take home with them.

A little te reo with your tea


Utter the phrase "He kawhe maku" at Ringawera Bakery and you'll save yourself 50c.

Masterchef: Outdoor kitchen proved the difference


Everything fell apart for the usually ultra-consistent Verena Doolabh and Tanisha Kemp on Masterchef last night.

Better health a 'relative' choice

Tofu stir fry

Sometimes the healthy choice is less obvious than thought, but you can't go wrong with a tofu stir fry.

Grandma's treats for the modern home

Anzac Cake

Gluten-free Paleo blueberry and coconut cake? Grandma would turn in her grave.

Crumble to melt in the mouth

Apple nut crumble

Doing away with flour and oats in this crumble shows how dietary necessity can reinvigorate an old favourite.

From Iron Curtain to cooking for royals

Dirk Stark chef for royals

The royal menu might be a secret at a Queenstown winery but the tale of one of their chefs is just as intriguing.

Winter warmer: Tasty lentil shepherd's pie


This lentil shepherd's pie is the perfect thing to whip up on a drab winter's day.

Recipe: Tangy lemon butterfinger loaf

Lemon loaf

© Fairfax NZ News

Drizzled with fresh lemon curd, this butterfinger loaf is the perfect zingy treat.

Delicious choc caramel squares


© Fairfax NZ News

These delicious chocolate caramel squares are guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

On ancient wine culture

On ancient wine culture

Wine glorious wine: the excavation of a settlement from the Bronze Age has some stories to tell.

Eating, the nose to tail way


Chef Paul Cooper fills us in on how we can try the nose to tail approach to cooking at home.

A Wither Hills lunch for Wills and Kate

royals wither hills

The royal couple took time out from their busy schedule this afternoon for a private lunch at a Marlborough winery.

DIY creamy vanilla custard


Home-made custard, served warm with pudding, is the ultimate comfort food. Here's how to make it from scratch.

The Chicken Tikka Masala myth


Eating it helps curry house owner's fund their kid's education... but they may be having a joke at your expense.

Recipe: Easy dumplings


A dumpling recipe for people who always order potstickers at restaurants but never make them at home.

Vile-sounding 'martinis'


Can I interest you in a kale or foie gras martini?

Masterchef: Sisters' luck runs out

masterchef judge

Sisters Trudie and Shelley Robinson say farewell to competition after disastrous week with risotto and desserts.

Mugshot: Capsule coffee wars


Nespresso has fired a shot across the bows of the specialty coffee movement.

Avoid nutrition nasties at breakfast


Breakfast, it's often said, is the most important meal of the day. It's also the one we tend to give the least thought.

Recipe: Muesli three ways


A great option to avoid all the breakfast cereal label checking is to make your own muesli.

Couple get their just desserts


Make-your-own frozen yoghurt sundaes have been a winner for one couple.

Recipe: Tuna empanadas


This Latin American take on the pie or calzone is flavoursome, moreish and great with beer.

Melting moments with passionfruit butter

Melting moments

The passionfruit butter in these biscuits is seriously good - you can even spread some on toast for brekky.

The crime of pasta sauce in a jar


It's bad for you, it tastes gross and the alternative's easy to make. Why to we buy off-the-shelf pasta sauce?!

How to cook like the world's best chef


Ferran Adria is the culinary maestro of the globe, no doubt, and he has surprisingly useful tips for home cooks.

How to make perfect Pad Thai

Pad thai

There's no better example of all that's good in Thailand than this dish, except when it's done badly.

Top chef helps with school van

Simon Gault

Simon Gault steps in to host a canapes-and-bubbles fundraising evening for a Northland school.

'Non-typical' Kiwi blokes eliminated


Masterchef's Glynn Rudolf and James Culleton remain typically upbeat despite their elimination from the show.

Baking tips from a dessert master


An award-winning dessert master shares his tips for home bakers and some might surprise you.

The tastiest cookies on the block


These choc-peanut butter bites are mouthwateringly good - and quick and easy too.

Recipe: soaked sunflower seed hummus

Sunflower seed hummus

Homemade hummus provides a protein boost when the energy starts to flag.

Nuts and pulses good for protein


If I can smear it on toast or stir it with a spoon, I am probably eating it.

Cooking from scratch - the easy way

My Food Bag

Despite the doubters, My Food Bag is going strong and transforming mealtimes in many homes.

Why prune fans are plum out of luck


Yet another super fruit is being hit by a global food shortage, meaning higher prices at supermarkets.

Healthy muesli moves into supermarkets

Samuel Tyler

Pucka Products founder Samuel Tyler hopes his bircher muesli will be sold by supermarkets nationwide.

Recipe: Beef tacos with avocado


A real crowd pleaser: simply put everything in the middle of the table and get everyone to help themselves.

Getting forked-up over rice


The un-continental way to eat a staple and what the rest of the world thinks about people that do.

Caffeine count: Espresso vs. energy drink


How does a short black, a can of Red Bull and a cup of tea compare in the caffeine stakes?

The perfect dinner party dessert


This soft chocolate, coconut jelly and hazelnut macaroon creation will have your guests begging for seconds.

How to use up leftovers


Here are some great ways to make the second round just as exciting as the first.

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