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Alexandra vineyard rookies complete first harvest

Grey Ridge vineyard owners Paul and Sue Keast on the first day of harvest at the Alexandra vineyard they purchased in 2015.

Five months ago, Paul and Sue Keast moved from the African jungle to buy a vineyard in Central Otago. Jo McKenzie-McLean caught up with them for their first harvest.

What does this cup say?


Starbucks has a long history of workers getting customers' names wrong... but one seems to have an extra-special talent.

Kids rate their favourite scoops video

Charles de Wal makes sure the spoon is clean before tasting his next icecream.

Lucky students put on their judging hats for the New Zealand Icecream Awards.

Mexican-style fish with a kick

Down Mexico way: Fish fillets in Veracruz-style sauce.

As the weather turns cooler, it's time to turn up the heat on your taco game by adding Veracruz sauce.

Vanilla butter birthday cake

Birthday cake building blocks: Basic butter cake.

A flat sheet sponge that's perfect for when you want an even texture that cuts easily to assemble a complex cake.

Minute steak with chipotle butter

Minute-steak with chipotle butter and lime.

Head south of the border with this spicy, citrusy, quick dinner that delivers maximum flavour for minimum effort.

How to make 'neverending' chocolate

Sorry, it's all just a matter of volume.

Most of us have a talent for making chocolate vanish but one video demonstrates a way to make it appear out of thin air.

Kiwi chefs compete for top award

Orphans Kitchen chef and co-founder Tom Hishon is one of four Kiwi finalists in the Young Chef Awards 2016.

Meet four of our culinary creatives who have bagged semi-finalist spots in the 2016 Young Chef Awards.

Bolognaise-style mushroom ragu

Karen Martini's bolognaise-style, meat-free mushroom ragu.

A mixture of dried and fresh field mushrooms really cement the intensity of this meat-free sauce.

Could lab-grown meat taste as good?

The first burger made from meat grown in a lab.

​Scientists claim it will be healthier and more environmentally friendly. But how much can they improve on old-school pork or beef?

Would you try a cheese KitKat?

Here have your break with cheese and melon.

Confectionary maker may have taken its interesting flavour creations a step too far with this new option.

Grape growth predicted

New Zealand's vineyard area is tipped to rise 6 per cent on present plantings by 2018.

As vineyard plantings increase, New Zealand wines in the US gain plaudits and sales.

Kiwi chef's big Aussie win

Ben Shewry owns Attica in Melbourne, voted Australia's best restaurant.

Ben Shewry's Melbourne restaurant, Attica, has been named the best in Australia.

Never too old

Saint Clair Family Estate director Neal Ibbotson with his mother, Dawn Ibbotson, and a bottle of Saint Clair Dawn 2012 ...

A 102-year-old wine company matriarch subscribes to the philosophy that wine is the secret to a long and happy life.

New winery coming soon

Jackson Estate directors Jeff Hart, left, and John Benton at the site of their new winery on Jacksons Rd.

The building has been designed with help from the art director for The Hobbit trilogy.

Just too much ice

A US woman is suing Starbucks for $5m after they put too much ice in her drink.

A US woman is suing Starbucks for US$5 million (NZ$7.15 million) over the amount of ice in her drink. So what are the rules here?

New generation of healthy eating

Olivia Hislop is making a selection of raw cakes to combat allergies and health issues.

Olivia Hislop has created a line of raw cakes and slices which will cater for a broad range of dietary requirements.

Cranky goat cheese in Sounds video

Fresh goat's milk cheese

Artisan cheese making is 60 per cent science, and 40 per cent artistic.

How to make a great latte video

In a latte, the top 1cm should be textured milk and the rest hot milk.

Need a little help steaming your milk? Two-time barista champion Craig Simon reveals the secret to making a perfect latte.

St Arnaud cafe starts from scratch

Angelina Stasiak and Sebastian Stasiak have taken over the Clinker Cafe in St Arnaud.

St. Arnaud's Clinker Cafe is reopening with a twist - every dish on the menu will be made from scratch.

La Trappe Witte Trappist is quite a brew

La Trappe Witte Trappist

One of the few foreign beers to win a gold medal at the recent New World Beer & Cider Awards is La Trappe Witte Trappist.  A unique Trappist-brewed example of a Belgian-style wheat beer, it is brewed in Holland at the Bierbrouwerij de Koningshoeven, near Tilburg, close to the Belgian border.

A Taste of... Burger Liquor

Burger Liquor does fantastic burgers and strong drinks.

Burger Liquor serves up dive bar style with strong drinks, excellent burgers and great prices.

Feildel keen to share his passion

My Kitchen Rules Australia’s Manu Feildel says he enjoys being both a TV star and a chef.

Manu Feildel talks wedding plans, the circus part of his past, and life as a celebrity chef.

Perfect place for a perfect fruit

2942016 NEWS Photo CHARLOTTE CURD/Fairfax.  Food, In season in the new WITT kitchen. Alex Dickie plays around with ...

Feijoas have everything a fruit needs - and they're dropping from trees all over Taranaki right now.

Bacteria, your foodie friends

As you sip a cup of coffee, consider the microbes that have worked so hard for your pleasure.

As you sip a cup of coffee, consider the microbes that have worked so hard for your pleasure.

Muse bar and eatery has a new look

New venue, new look for Muse 

Butter's no longer the bad guy

The once-maligned spread is enjoying a renaissance. Could butter actually be good for us?

Butter is enjoying a renaissance. But could it actually be good for us?

Waikato's hospital food 'the best' video

28042016 News Photo: Christel Yardley/Fairfax NZ
News: According to an "unscientific" Facebook poll, Waikato Hospital ...

If there were a hospital MasterChef challenge, Waikato Hospital would win. Sorry Dunedin.

Arnott's Shapes: taste test video

In a classic taste of new vs old, it drove home the fact some people really don't like change.

There was outrage when Arnott's changed its Shapes biscuits - but how bad are they really?

Lamb with 40 garlic cloves

Don't be alarmed: Lamb with 40 garlic cloves.

France's famous 'chicken with 40 garlic cloves' is even better done with lamb.

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