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A pub with quite a past

LEGACY LIVES ON: Moutere Inn owners Andrew Cole, left, and David Watson.

At nearly 160 years old and with a top beer range, the Moutere Inn near Nelson is an absolute gem.

A visual feast and vegan knowhow gallery

EASY VEGAN: 140 delicious and inspiring recipes by Sue Quinn.

Get inspiration from one of NZ's top chefs, plus animal-friendly eating, in two new cookbooks.

Meet the Double Down Dog

HOT OR NOT? The Double Down Dog is not part of a Sun Salutation, but is actually a hot dog wrapped in a blanket of cheesy fried chicken.

The latest Frankenfood is actually a frank-in-food.

Bay has a pronounced wine advantage

NAME GAME: Wine expert Fongyee Walker says Hawke’s Bay has a head start in the Chinese market because it’s easy to pronounce.

Hawke's Bay being easy to pronounce in Mandarin may be its biggest advantage in selling its great wine.

Is prosciutto a fish?

PROSCIUTTO FISH: A rare, little-known delicacy (not).

I probably have the least sophisticated palate of any adult I know.

What does the Pope's army eat?

CHARD FOR THE SWISS GUARD? Nah, they're more fond of eggplant.

A new Swiss Guard cookbook reveals Vatican culinary tastes and treats.

Home cooking change applauded

WHAT's FOR DINNER: Leanne Barrett at last  has the knowhow and ingredients to cook healthy meals that son Jimmy looks forward to eating.

Kiwis are spending more time in the kitchen and experimenting with new recipes, a new survey has found.

What's really in McDonald's fries video

WHAT'S REALLY INSIDE: Potatoes, plus 14 other ingredients.

French fries in the US may contain a whopping number of ingredients, but we in NZ have just three.

Festival promises tasty seafood treats


Around 30,000 fresh oysters will be devoured on Auckland’s waterfront this weekend at the annual Seafood Festival.

All about sweetcorn

FRESH SWEETCORN: It lends itself to strong flavours like chilli, coriander and lime.

Try these five delicious ideas for that top summer treat - fresh sweetcorn.

What to eat when you're poorly

HEALING POWERS: Hearty chicken soup, homemade or shop bought, really will ease a cold.

Is it "starve a fever and feed a cold", or "starve a cold and feed a fever"? Turns out, it's neither.

Pledge your chard allegiance

WHICH TYPE OF CHARD DO YOU PREFER? Old school like Coopers Creek, or modern like Mahi?

Are the modern upstarts set to dethrone the ripe-and-retro chardonnay stalwarts?

Wine museum features region

Hunter’s Wines winemaker James MacDonald talks about the different soil types in Marlborough when interviewed by French production company Grand Angle

A French film crew has touched down in Marlborough, putting the region's wine industry in the spotlight.

Is this the weirdest cake ever made?

ONE TASTY WATER BALLOON: The jelly-like rice cake, mizu shingen mochi.

It's see-through, has the texture of a water balloon and disappears if you don't eat it in 30 minutes. What kind of sorcery is this?

Pleasure and pain: why some like it hot

CHILLI LOVERS: Eating hot peppers involves the pleasure/pain principle.

For many people, eating spicy, hot stuff creates a kind of masochistic thrill.

Kiwis' sweet tooth for soft drinks

soft drink

Despite constant lobbying against sugary soft drinks, new figures show Kiwis are continuing to drink them at a concerning rate.

Young gun winemakers

Jaimee Whitehead, Treasury Wine Estates

John Saker meets the young Kiwi winemakers stamping their mark.

Five perfect peach recipes

THE GLORIOUS PEACH: As diverse as it is delicious.

From dinner to dessert: great recipes that let our favourite summer stonefruit do all the talking.

Tie-up paying dividends

Retail shareholders are unimpressed: "You don't sell your house when the market is down," one said after the meeting.

Relationship between a Palmerston North research centre and major food manufacturer to pay dividends.

Brewers adjust to new demand

Moa Brewery founder Josh Scott said he had noticed an increased demand for low alcohol craft beers

Brewers are caving in to demand for low alcohol, with a range of new session beers on the way.

Crowdfunding pays off for brewery

Brewing head
brewer Andy
Deuchars is
pleased to
finally have

Renaissance Brewing celebrate crowdfunding success with You Tube livestream to develop world's first 'crowd-brew' beer.

Drivers on low alcohol

Grovetown Hotel bar owner Damian Johnson says sales of low alcohol beverages has increased as a result of the new drink-drive laws.

Attitudes of bar patrons have changed and many are drinking low alcohol beer and wine in response to new drink-drive limits.

Restaurant glut

Eating out

An over-supply of eating establishments means some will close down, says restauranteur.

The joys of forest gardening

Marigold 10, Ben 13 and Grace Kunath 7yrs checking out an edible Day Lilly flower during the Forest Food Workshop run by Robert Guyton in Riverton

It's like having the produce section of a supermarket in your backyard ... only not quite as organised.

Averting Chocageddon

Choc full: A stream of chocolate.

If there's one person standing between the world and a potential, devastating lack of chocolate, it's this man.

Is brown bread really healthy?

THEY SEEK IT HERE: You might not be able to see them, but wholegrains appear in a number of different products.

Lovers of brown bread sandwiches could be the latest victims of inflated health food claims.

The fine art of complaining

SPEAK UP: Well-run restaurants welcome constructive complaints.

One place where the adage "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" definitely does not apply is a restaurant.

Juicing ‘guru’ mocked over diet

Tired of food proselytising: Twitter users are creating their own 'day on a plate' spoofs after Kara Rosen's 'ridiculously healthy' meals appeared in the Telegraph.

Surviving on egg whites, rice cakes, and “sometimes” fish, a London-based juicing entrepreneur has been mocked for her ridiculously healthy diet.

Whale testicle beer outrages conservationists


USA Today

Interview: Panhead owner Mike Neilson

Mike and Anna Neilson of Panhead. The brewery takes its name from Harley Davidson'€™s celebrated panhead engine, so called because its rocker covers resemble an upside-down pan.

Panhead owner and beer engineer Mike Neilson talks of beer and his love for the Frozen soundtrack.

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