A truly egg-ceptional idea

02:03, Mar 06 2013
Hamish Dobbie
EGG MAN: Hamish Dobbie spent six months perfecting the Yolkr.

An Auckland engineer has cracked the age-old problem of separating egg white from yolk.

Hamish Dobbie was inspired to devise a simple way to separate eggs after watching a friend make a mess of the job.

He and industrial designer Darin Bogardus spent more than six months working on a prototype that would suck the yolk up from the white, resulting in the Yolkr.

"We essentially wanted to develop an easy, efficient, mess-free way to separate the yolk from the white," he said.

"It had to be ergonomically friendly, look as good as possible, be small enough to fit in a drawer, and be functional."

Dobbie, 30, has already raised more than double the NZ$27,000 needed to go into production via crowd-funding website Kickstarter and said he had had a lot of interest from international distributors.

The Yolkr works by using suction - you crack the egg into a bowl and position the food-safe plastic bulb over it. One squeeze and the yolk is sucked up into a tube, where it stays until you release it.

Dobbie said the ultimate test was giving the prototype to his 90-year-old grandfather.

"He has only one eye, wears glasses and shakes somewhat, but on instruction to suck the yolk he successfully did so first time," he said.


SUCK IT UP: The Yolkr promises to take the stress out of separating egg whites and yolks.