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Readers' Recipes

Strogg to warm your cockles


This good old fashioned beef stroganoff recipe from Tony Breese is cheap and simply delicious.

Recipe: Winter chicken pie

Cally Edgar

This economical original recipe makes a tasty pie that has veges, protein and carbs in one.

A winter warming stew

SN fish stew

Using her dad's fish stew as an inspiration this is one of Marija Vidovich's "go to" recipes for a hearty meal.

Sweet and spicy soup

Pumpkin Soup

This soup is cheap, easy to make, and great on cold winter nights. We could use some today.

The taniwha breakfast


Wendy Collings shares a recipe for a spicy and hearty dish that is warm and filling on a cold day.

Venison bangers 'n' mash

bangers mash

Nathan Coates shares this twist on a classic British dish, to help warm you during the winter months.

A naughty but nice nibble

zucchini chips

This recipes is a great way to use up excess zucchini at this time of year, plus it's delicious.

English muffin mini-pizzas

Paired with a salad, these tasty little bites make a yummy, quick meal, Kirsty Purvis writes.

Easy chickpea curry


You can get this easy and healthy curry on the table in 20 minutes. That's a win.

Recipe: Thai beef salad

Thai beef salad

This Thai salad is delicious, quick, and relatively cheap, according to Grace Miller.

Recipe: chilli and fritters

corn fritters

This meal is quick, easy, cheap, healthy and delicious. When do we eat?!

Cooking lamb with Coke


Ian Vickridge share his recipe for barbecuing the perfect lamb - with one surprising ingredient.

Get salmon grilling right

Salmon fillets

This ultimate salmon recipes uses a centuries-old method for the modern barbecue.

Chocolate candy cane tart

candy cane

This tart combines the classic flavours of chocolate and peppermint with a Christmas-y twist.

Fruit Christmas tree

Fruit Christmas tree

Jodie Bainbridge shares her recipe for a tasty Christmas treat for the festive season.

Making proper pate


The perfect pate for the silly season is within your reach with this recipe from Helen Moore.

Nana's berry trifle

Snack berries

Holly McQuillan shares the recipe for a festive trifle that has been in her family for generations.

Recipe: Fail-proof brownies

chocolate brownies

This brownie recipe makes proper, gooey, American-style brownies. We want them now.

Recipe: Blue cheese salad

blue cheese

Stan Dubious shares a BBQ recipe for a blue cheese salad.

Recipe: Mini Banoffee pies


Jessica Thompson shares a recipe for mini Banoffee pies.

Recipe: Xmas pud biscuits

Christmas pud biscuits

There's an easy, fun way to make a Christmas pudding biscuit with very little effort but great looking results.

Grandma's trifle


Liz Milner shares this recipe as part of our $100 hamper competition.

Christmas chocolate slice


Chocolate, booze and gingernuts - the foundation of this great Christmas slice.

Recipe: Tim Tam truffles


This recipe for Tim Tam truffles is easy, delicious and perfect for Christmas.

Yum: Tiramisu for Christmas


A modern take on the classic tiramisu, but makes it better suited to the summer climate.

BBQ summer salmon


Stan Dubious shares his recipe for barbecued salmon with a summer vinaigrette.

Quick, easy BBQ stir fry

stir fry

Mark Bixley shares a recipe that's quick, easy and all done on the barbecue hotplate.

Get that smokin' flavour

bbq chicken

Mark Bixley shares a tip to get that flame-grilled smoky taste on the barbecue this summer.

The best BBQ burger pattie

beef burger

Create your own classic Kiwi burger at home with this delicious pattie recipe.

Recipe: Kleftiko lamb

lamb kleftico

Simple but delicious, this slow-cooked lamb will melt in your mouth.

BBQ rub for every meat

BBq spices

Prepare a large batch of this rub at the start of summer, and you're set for the entire season.

Recipe: BBQ broccoli


Simple and tasty, this recipe is a quick way to get more variety on your barbecue grill.

Cheap and delicious steak

steak bbq

This seasoning makes a cheap cut of meat shine at a summer barbecue.

Mouth-watering butterfish


This recipe is best enjoyed with friends around the campfire and a couple of cold beers.

Throw these on any barbie


Peter Fox shares his recipe for delicious barbecue prawns. Are they ready yet?

Recipe: BBQ pork ribs


This recipe for BBQ pork ribs will make meat fall off the bone and make people want more.

One pot Mexican fiesta

How a home-cook ditched the feeding-the-family angst, re-tied her apron strings and became a gourmet again.

This 'recipe' has been a huge family favourite over the years, and it's easier than you'd think.

Lemon blueberry yoghurt loaf


There's nothing better than a moist piece of cake - especially when it's drizzled in lemony goodness.

Mars bar slice

mars bar

Ken Hubbard shares a simple recipe for a delicious slice that chocolate bar fans will love.

Double choc mousse cake


I made this cake for my mother's birthday last year and we have been using it for birthdays ever since.

Toxic sludge


Grace Miller shares a recipe for her favourite comfort food slice.

Easy veggie soup


Here's an easy recipe for vegetable soup that even the kids will love.

Fail-safe pumpkin soup

Pumpkin Soup

Donna Sykes shares her pumpkin soup recipe that has never failed her.

Cheesy scallop potatoes



Ally Shaw has a one-pot recipe which makes easy use of corned beef leftovers.

Recipe: Amazing meatballs


These meatballs are great served with rice, couscous, pasta or spaghetti.

Pork with tamarillos



When the cold season arrives, out comes this old favourite, old fashioned recipe.

Home-made cannelloni



You can save money by spending a little extra time and effort in the kitchen, writes Kevin Blakeman.

Recipe: Sauerkraut with bacon


Sauerkraut is an acquired taste but with bacon it can make a yummy meal, Dilly Hofmans writes.

Recipe: Sultana Loaf

Sultana loaf

This recipe from a friend in the 1960s is now a firm family favourite for Maureen Stronach.

Easy, breezy dumplings



These dumplings are a great potato substitute with a warm winter stew.

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