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Beef strogg to warm your cockles

SAUCY GOODNESS: Mushrooms are the base of any great stroganoff.
Fairfax NZ
SAUCY GOODNESS: Mushrooms are the base of any great stroganoff.

The good old fashioned beef strogg has always been a huge favourite with me. Not only that, it is cheap and simply delicious.

Over the years I have perfected my recipe and is always a weekly dish over the colder months.

6 cloves of garlic
1 large or 2 medium brown onions
1 large carrot
1 handful of baby spinach
2 teaspoons of tomato paste
250gms of Swiss brown mushrooms
250gms of flat mushrooms
500gms of blade steak - cut into 1 inch chunks
3 teaspoons of cornflour mixed with a little COLD water to form a paste
1 1/2 cups of good beef stock
1/4 cup of a dry red wine
2 tablespoons of sour cream
3 bay leaves
A pinch of mustard seeds, chilli, cinnamon and cumin (and I mean a pinch)
5 drops of truffle oil
Tagliatelle or 1 cup of risotto rice if you prefer. If using risotto add it to the mixture before cooking. 

1. Preheat oven to 150 degrees.
2. In a casserole dish, cut onions into nice big chunks. Add crushed garlic too.
3. Cut brown mushrooms into quarters and flats into slices and add to the dish.
4. Slice carrot quite thinly and add to the dish.
5. Add the red wine, half the beef stock and tomato paste together and mix well. Then add to the dish.
6. In an extremely hot pan, sear the steak. You want it so it is almost blackened on the outside but raw inside. You do not have to do this step but adds great flavour.
7. Add the steak and the rest of the ingredients (except the sour cream) to the dish.
8. Stir well and place in the oven covered for four hours. Remove the lid for the last 30 mins of cooking time. If you want to cook faster, add 10 degrees for each 45mins you want shaved off. But nothing beats low and slow.
9. After cooking is complete, allow to stand for 10mins then stir in the sour cream. The meat should be falling apart and the sauce should be nice and thick. Cook your pasta in the meantime if you haven't used risotto rice. 
10. Serve and enjoy!