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Last updated 16:59 04/03/2013

Generation Zers play name that veggy

Chicken nuggets
SAY NO TO NUGGETS: Kiwis need to eat healthier foods.

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Help New Zealand get cooking by sharing your best, healthy recipes.

What's your favourite dinner meal? Do you have a go-to dish for entertaining? Have you got a classic family recipe? Tell us how to make it and what ingredients are needed. Don't forget to include photos and videos if you can!

According to a survey, four out of five Generation Z youths - those born from 1990 - don't use any fresh ingredients in their daily evening meals and 39 per cent are unable to correctly identify staple veggies such as leek or zucchini.

More than half think that throwing chicken nuggets in the oven counts as cooking.

This is your chance to help them out.

Say no to nuggets.

Help New Zealand get cooking is an ongoing Stuff Nation assignment. To contribute hit the green button.

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