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Help get NZ cooking: Prawn and chickpea stir fry

03:52, Mar 18 2013

I've just cooked and eaten this dish - all in about 20 minutes.

Mind you, I had all the ingredients handy, but it would be pretty easy to grab them on the way home from work.

I'm on a tight budget but I always keep a packet of cooked, peeled prawns in the freezer. I buy them on special (maybe $8 max) and I can get four meals out of them. That way it's not expensive or a luxury.

1/4 packet frozen cooked prawns
1/4 yellow capsicum, sliced
Oil, preferably olive or rice bran
One small leek or onion
Three cloves of garlic, finely sliced
A handful of topped and tailed green beans
A can of drained chickpeas
One sliced head of bok choy
1/4 cup plum sauce or sweet chilli sauce

1.Take the prawns out in the morning and thaw them in the fridge.

2.No wok? Doesn't matter, a large frypan works just as well. Throw in a slosh of oil. Heat it.


3.Put in the yellow capsicum, leek (or diced onion), garlic, beans and chickpeas. 

4. Toss them around for about four to five minutes in the oil.

5. Add the sauce. Cook for another minute.

6. Throw in the bok choy and the drained, thawed prawns. Sprinkle some salt. Cook for about two minutes and it's done.

Easy, very yummy, quick and healthy.

Easy, very yummy, quick and healthy.

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